Top 10 Tips for Conceiving

On the internet there is a multitude of information for women who are trying to conceive. How to get pregnant tips are not in short supply, but unfortunately some of the information is a bit dubious to say the least. Many of these people claim to be able to show you “How to have a quick pregnancy” or “How to get pregnant fast”.

What you need to know is how to have a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL pregnancy. If you set your own body up correctly, then you will conceive WHEN your body is ready. If you have been unable to conceive it is only because your body does not think that it is fit and ready. It really is that simple. Pregnancy and health really do go hand in hand.

What I have put together is a site based on my own experiences of trying to get pregnant and you are welcome to read my story on my ‘About me’ page.

What I plan to do in this article, is to provide a summary of what’s available elsewhere on this site.

Clearly, by landing on this page you are looking for some conceiving tips and it maybe that you are specifically looking for some tips for conceiving a baby boy, or indeed some tips for conceiving a baby girl. Click on either of those links which will provide you with a lot more information regarding specific gender selection.

If you’re still with me, then I shall assume that you are looking for more generic tips for conceiving. Maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a little while (it took me years to finally fall pregnant). If so, then the good news is that in most cases of women struggling to get pregnant they can easily overcome their issues with a few simple life-style changes

1.) Quit smoking 2 months before trying to get pregnant

Whilst women appreciate the need to stop smoking as soon as they find out they are pregnant, most don’t realise that the chemicals in the cigarettes themselves can be a major cause of them failing to get pregnant. Get your partner to quit as well, as the chemicals inside tobacco can reduce sperm count. Click on the image to try the Smoke Away system.

2.) Eat healthy, before, during and after pregnancy

So many women see pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything and everything. This is so wrong. Treat your attempt to get pregnant as if you were about to take part in a marathon (which, in a way, it is). You wouldn’t rock up to the start line of a marathon without having eaten the correct foods for weeks in advance. The same should be true before you attempt to get pregnant. Lower your carbs and your fat intake for two to three months before. These can play havoc with your insulin levels and hormone secretion which can severely dent your chances of getting pregnant.

3.) Exercise – But don’t over-do it

Right there really has to be a line drawn with this one. Using my marathon analogy again, you wouldn’t even dream to be on the start line having done no training to ensure that your body was ‘fit for purpose’. The same should be the case for getting your body in shape for conception. You want all systems as fit as possible (especially if you have been struggling to conceive).

Having said that, you don’t want to throw yourself into daily triathlons as this will put too much stress on your body. And too much stress = A struggle to conceive.

4.) Get to know your monthly cycle – and record it

This is so crucial, but women really don’t pay enough attention to it. You MUST monitor for three to six months before you consider getting pregnant to get a real good indication if you are regular or have issues with irregular ovulation (which can be a good sign of potential infertility issues). You must chart it using a Basal Thermometer.

5.) Do not wait to get pregnant

I fully appreciate that we are living in a different world to when our parents (or certainly our grandparents) were starting families. In today’s opulent world people demand to go on foreign holidays, they demand the latest 42” TV, they demand mobile electronics etc. etc., but these all have to be paid for.

All over the western world, the economy is not what it was and people are struggling to maintain the life-styles they have become accustomed. This has resulted in family’s being started later and later, as wannabe parents strive to pay off debts before they bring children into the world.

Now I would never want to encourage parents to bring any child into the world if they haven’t got the finances to be able to afford to feed, cloth, and home the little one. However, do not take for granted that you will just be able to pop the kids out at will after the age of 35. You may see news stories of women in their 60’s giving birth, but it certainly get more difficult the older you get – as I know from bitter experience.

6.) Start simple before going professional

In my 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant, I actually devote two whole articles (20 tips) to getting outside help : Tips for getting pregnant – Part 8.  and Tips for getting pregnant – Part 9. So clearly there is a great deal to be said for external help.

However, treatments can be expensive and they are certainly very stressful. There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelm and confused at the treatments available. Then the stress of getting an appointment. Then even more stress having to go through treatment. Then even more stress waiting for the results. To be honest, I honestly believe that in some cases the stress levels being created by the potential treatment far out-weigh the benefit of the actual treatment.

To my advice is to keep it simple. Do the things that you can influence (eating correctly, exercise, stopping smoking, drinking, recreational drugs etc.) and ONLY if they don’t work, then look at the professional treatments.

7.) Lubricants are a no, no

Whilst you can get sperm friendly lubricants, generally I advise to stay away from them (and that includes water and saliva). They really do your man’s swimmers no good whatsoever.

8.) Yoga

This is so under rated as a form of exercise. It has a bit of everything for me. The problem is that many people struggle to ‘get going’ with yoga, because they fine it ‘a bit boring’ or ‘uncomfortable’ having to get into ‘awkward positions’. Stick with it, the benefits are amazing. My recommended resource is here : YOGA : Before, During & After Pregnancy.

9.) Read ALL medicine instructions

It really baffles me the amount of people (male as well as female) that take over the counter medicines routinely and fail to see the relevance that some of these ‘cures’ have on their failure to get pregnant.

Read all of the medicine instructions. I appreciate that you might need a medical encyclopaedia to understand what on earth they are going on about, but if you have to then speak to your doctor and ask him or her if you are reducing your chances of getting pregnant with that simple cough syrup.

10.) Have a plan – AND STICK TO IT

If you are struggling to get pregnant, then this for me is the most crucial element of the lot. Before I started working on a plan which, ultimately, saw me give birth to a beautiful daughter, I was seriously guilty of jumping from one idea to another – ready to grab the latest piece of worthless advice from one web site or another.

Where can I find more tips about conceiving ?

Unfortunately, I read too many people’s ‘Best infertility Tips’, ’50 Trying to Conceive Tips’, ’37 Tips on Getting Pregnant’ (why 37 !!!), and even ‘Secret Tips for getting pregnant your Mom Never Told you About’ (Secret probably because they were rubbish) – yes, I’ve read them all.

The problem was I didn’t actually focus on, or following through with any, of it – Too much information, I guess. That is why I now ALWAYS recommend a professional pregnancy program, rather than just surfing the net randomly for information. If you are doing that, then PLEASE STOP THAT NOW.

Seriously, you will find yourself still surfing for the little miracle 6 months down the line and no nearer to getting pregnant.

With that in mind, then I’m happy to tell you ‘my little secret’. My number one choice recommendation is always “The Full EmbraceTM Pregnancy Success Program” by Diana Farrell, M.A. The reason I love this so much is that it is actually a program that you can follow step-by-step, day-by-day.

If you want to read  my own review of Diana’s pregnancy course, then click on the following link : Maria Anderson’s review of the pregnancy Success Program.

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