Things To Think About To Help Conception

Welcome to Things To Think About To Help Conception. This is the seventh page of my 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant. The tips on this page are more for reflecting on what you might have heard in the past. It really is just to de-bunk some of the myths and assumptions that are out there…….

61 – Do I Need To Have An Orgasm To Get Pregnant ?

Despite on-line rumours, a woman does not need to have an orgasm to get pregnant (obviously). The contractions experienced during an orgasm do not improve the chances of conception (i.e. by getting the sperm to the egg any quicker).

62 – If My Man’s Sperm Count Is Low, Should We Have Sex less Often ?

No, the simple reason being is that the sperm will just end up dying in the testicles. So holding off will not help at all.

63 – Is It A Case Of ‘The More Sex The Better’ Then ?

Unfortunately, the flip side is not so good either. It can take up to three months for sperm to reach maturity. Therefore, your man could end up ejaculating immature sperm if you make love frequently, and healthy sperm could end up being wasted on the woman’s non fertile days.

64 – Success Through The Law of Attraction

I accept that this tip is not going to be for everyone. There are many books, audios and even TV films like “The Secret”, which provide the theories and history behind the Law of Attraction. However, one of the most successful programs that really take you through step by step from where you are to where you want to get to (for anything in life, not just pregnancy) is the Manifest A Miracle program by Gary Evans. It really is packed with information (60 page ebook, 14 videos, work-sheets and 10 bonus reports). It’s certainly worth considering as I do know people that have achieved success with this program.

65 – I Have Already Been Pregnant Once, So There Shouldn’t Be A Problem, Right ?

Well, unfortunately, previous births do not guarantee that you will give birth again. Your circumstances might have changed with a downgrade in your eating patterns, or you may have become unfit, or you and / or your partner’s reproductive organs might not be as healthy as when you were younger. Or you may even have a different partner, and he could be the problem. Of course, it is not all bad news, and there are many tips in this series, for both of you, that help those trying to get pregnant, even if you have previously given birth.

66 – Do Not Avoid The Subject Hoping That Any ‘Issues’ Will Go Away

Face up to your problems. Admit that you might be having issues, and you will be half way to resolving them.

67 – It’s A Myth To Rely On The 14th Day

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of information on the internet which suggests that your cycle’s 14th day is the most optimum to have sex. However, this assumes a regular 28 day cycle, which does not actually happen. Cycles are different in different women, which means ovulation changes are different also. So relying on a certain date might not actually help you.

68 – If I Can’t Get Pregnant It Must Be My Fault, Right ?

This was always a common assumption in years gone by, due to the more complex nature of the female body. However, today science has moved on and we know that is not necessarily the case. It does take ‘two to tango’ and therefore the reproductive parts of both the male and the female have to be in good working order for the magic to happen. Have your man checked out for a low sperm count, and get him to ensure that he follows the relevant tips in this series of articles.

69 – I’m Sure I’m Fine….. It Must Be My Partner

Of course there is a flip side, with many women insisting that their bodies are fit and healthy. Whilst your history might be a good indicator of your propensity to get pregnant, don’t assume that any failings on that front must be because of the man in your life. It will, however, be cheaper to get him checked out first.

70 – Many People Are Leaving Family Planning Too Late

For various social and economic reasons, prospective parents are leaving it later and later to start a family. Of course, we are living in troubled economic times at the moment, and it is therefore understandable that some people might want to leave it later, to ensure that they have a solid standard of living to bring the baby into the world with. However, trying to get pregnant later in life is more difficult and is not without its own dangers. Whilst there is never an ideal time to get pregnant, from a biological success perspective, it is better to go for sooner rather than later.

Once again, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the tips on this page. The next page is one of two pages I will produce on the same subject :

Part 8 – Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 1)

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