Pregnancy Month By Month (Months 6 & 7)

Welcome to the next in the pregnancy month by month series. This is months six and seven. If you missed out on the previous articles then please refer to the Pregnancy Month By Month category to the right of this page.

Month 6

By this stage you may have gained in the region of 12 pounds in weight or 5.44 Kilo grams for the metrically minded. From here on, you will probably see 1lb weight increases per week (obviously this will vary from person to person).

Your belly will become an ever increasing factor in your life, making getting around and doing everyday simple tasks more of a problem. Your bladder will also come under further pressure and even with the best exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (see Pregnancy Month By Month (Months 4 & 5), there still might be some urine leakages. I recommend Maxim Maternity Pads as the pad of choice to keep you clean and fresh.

At about this time, you should be screened for gestational diabetes. It has very few symptoms, but can be a problem for both mother and child. It results in high blood sugar levels as a result of the mom not producing enough insulin.

You might be finding that snacking is becoming regular. Try to avoid it late at night though, as it could bring on uncomfortable heartburn which will keep you awake (you might be struggling to sleep as it is).

Keep your water intake up (I know I keep saying it, but it really is crucial). And don’t forget potassium and calcium to ward off cramping in your muscles

Month 7

You are now into the final third of your pregnancy. Whilst sickness will be a thing of the past, your size will really start to be an issue in the coming weeks. Aches will be the norm as your body stretches like it’s never been stretched before (unless this is not your first child of course), and you are also carrying significant extra weight. Don’t forget it’s not just the 7lb of baby weight, but more so the weight of all that fluid that it’s living in at the moment.

You will, of course have an increasing desire to urinate, so you need to make allowances for that if you are going shopping, or even on the shortest of car journeys.

At some point during this time of your pregnancy, haemorrhoids (or piles) might become noticeable (and irritating, as I knew only too well). There are of course preparations you can buy, but always read the label first and, certainly, check with your health-care practitioner before using any treatment. Parental Yoga

Movements will certainly be noticeable, even from just looking at your stomach. It looks freaky, but it’s obviously a great sign. Exercise routines should be very selective now and don’t risk anything that might make you fall (i.e. running). Specialist parental exercises certainly helped me at this stage. Try : Prenatal Yoga, Pilates & Strength Training 3x DVD set.

You need to keep a look out at this stage for the following : Severe swelling of your feet, ankles or hands, blurred vision, severe headaches, or severe weight gain. All of these might be a symptom of a condition called pre-eclampsia. You can read more about this here : Understanding Pre-eclampsia.


  • Ask for help with lifting things (even light items will be difficult to pick up from the floor). People will see the state you are in and will only be too glad to help
  • In addition to what you would normally eat, add about 300 calories to this per day (for the baby obviously)
  • Eat whole-grains, fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid processed foods which, generally lack any real nutrition and contain too much salt


  • Use any herbal remedies without consulting your doctor first. Some can lead to real complications in pregnancy.

I hope you found the third of these six articles helpful. For the next article in the series, please click :

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