Pregnancy Month By Month (Months 4 & 5)

Welcome to month’s four and five of my pregnancy month by month series. If you missed out on the previous articles then please refer to the Pregnancy Month By Month category to the right of this page.

Month 4

You are now coming up to the mid-way point, but could actually be starting to feel a bit more lively as you start to consider what lies ahead after your baby has been born.

Physically, you might be noticing some stretch marks around your middle and puffy ankles could also start to feature.

Additional red blood cells are being made all of the time. Therefore, you must make sure that you are getting plenty of iron in your diet (beef poultry and green leafy vegetables are all an excellent source).

To aid the absorption of iron, vitamin C is a must (citrus fruits being the best source). Of course, water is always important and, together with a high-fiber diet, this will help with your constipation which should be expected during this month.

In addition to exercises mentioned in previous months, you might want to consider Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor. This will help strengthen your muscles in this area, which will help the birth and reduce your incontinence. The video blow is a brief introduction into the Kegel / Pelvic Floor Exercises :

Inside of you, the bones of your baby are starting to form, and it will soon be hearing you – following the formation of its ears.


  • A useful tip to aid blood flow is to lie on your left side when sleeping; placing a pillow between your legs if this makes life more comfortable.


  • Sleep on your stomach or back as this will restrict blood flow to the baby.
  • For the same reason, don’t lie on your back for more than five minutes whilst exercising.

Month 5

You can plan for an ultrasound scan around the 20th week of pregnancy and, if you want to, you can find out the gender of your child at this point. An increasing number of parents are opting for this so they can plan better. But some still don’t want to ‘tempt fate’. Personally I always chose to know what my babies were, because I couldn’t wait to start decorating.

This month will see the start of ‘fluttering’, tiny little movements inside of you which, although disconcerting to start with, soon become very exciting.

Blood pressure will start falling – with the ever increasing volume of blood putting pressure on your system. This could result in feelings of light-headedness – especially when standing up. Try to keep cool, as any amount of heat will make the condition worse.

Although I’ve said it before, iron and vitamin C are increasingly important – especially after your 20th week when anemia is a real possibility if you are not eating correctly.

Exercise should still be possible at this stage, just make sure you seek guidance from your doctor. Slow deliberate movements are preferable to anything that’s going to make you bounce. Yoga for pregnant moms is excellent. And remember to keep up your water intake.


  • Remember your back this month. The front of you will be getting bigger and the back muscles will be strained as you try to compensate. A small pillow under the small of your back when resting will help greatly.


  • Come into contact with fumes form household cleaners. Particularly the ‘heavy duty’ ones such as oven cleaners and similar sprays. Be mindful of paint fumes as well, when you’re decorating your baby’s room.

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