Pregnancy Month By Month (Months 2 & 3)

Welcome to months two and three of my pregnancy month by month series. If you missed out on the introduction and the first month, then please click : Pregnancy Month By Month (Intro and Month 1).

Month 2

This is when you are likely to have confirmed that you are in fact pregnant. Weight gain will be about 4 pounds and that will be enough to feel your clothes getting a little bit tighter. Some moms, however, will actually lose weight during this period, due to morning sickness, but you should not feel alarmed by this. The baby will be getting enough nutrients……albeit at your expence.

The baby’s brain and nervous system are rapidly developing now, so folic acid, and also calcium, is crucial. Parental vitamins are available and you should consider taking these to supplement the food you are eating.

You may be getting constipated at this point, due to muscles relaxing in the bowel region as the uterus increases in size. So it is important to eat a fiber-rich diet to ease the symptoms. This can include whole grain bread and dark leafy vegetables.

There should be no reason why you cannot try some moderate exercise at this point. Keep your heartbeat below 140 per minute, and look to do this for up to 30 minutes for, say 4 – 5 days per week. Note : This exercise could also be in the form of house cleaning, as well as other forms of aerobic exercise, and even a brisk walk will be good for you.


Do remember to take a rest when you need to. Your body will be under an awful lot of strain, and you will certainly tire more quickly than before you were pregnant. In particular, your body will have increased its blood flow now and this will be putting additional pressure on your circulatory system.

Month 3

This is a crucial month, the end of which will see your baby officially develop into a fetus. The good news is that the chances of miscarriage will drop significantly, and usually after the 12 week scan, moms are more than happy to share their great news with their wider circle of friends and family.

At this stage, there will still be little to show externally, so those that claim that they thought you were pregnant have probably just imagined it. Sickness, tiredness and the occasional headache will still be there, but this will ease as time progresses.


  • Undertake exercises that are safe to perform, such as : low impact aerobics, walking, swimming, or cycling on a stationary bike.
  • Take the opportunity to have things such as your teeth and eyes checked now. You’d be surprised what ailments can be spotted from a routine dental check or optician’s appointment. And if you do need painful dental work it is better to have it done earlier in your pregnancy rather than later.
  • If you are over 35, or have a family history of genetic issues, then arrange for a genetic testing for about weeks 11 or 12 of your pregnancy.

I hope you found the second of these six articles helpful. For the next article in the series, please click :

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