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On this page, I’m going to keep you up to date with pregnancy in the news. Mostly, this is going to be about US and UK celebrities and how they manage their day to day lives whilst in pregnancy. But there will also be breaking news stories regarding pregnancy treatments which you may find interesting.

21st December 2011 – How a mother avoided another miscarriage

It was reported on the BBC website, that a mother in Coventry in the UK, who had previously suffered with two miscarriages, had safely given birth to a daughter. Doctors were fearful that she was about to lose her baby with surgery and medication not seemingly helping. As a last straw, and in the final three months of her pregnancy, they decided to raise her legs to relieve the pressure on her womb. This worked with great success, much to the delight of the family.

2nd January 2012 – Alessandra Ambrosio starting to show

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio (30), released a video on Facebook which showed off her amazing body. I suspect the video was shot a little while ago, as more recent photos of her shows her developing ‘bump’ growing. The baby, itself, is due this spring.

3rd January 2012 – Jessica Alba’s post pregnancy figure

Actress Jessica Alba was spotted recently sunning herself in Mexico, looking extremely toned, just four months after giving birth to Haven, her second daughter. Now why couldn’t I get back into shape so quickly after giving birth ?

3rd January 2012 – Pregnant Andrea Corr out in the sun

Irish pop group The Corrs lead singer Andrea Corr (37 years old), is just over half way through her pregnancy term. However, this didn’t stop her and her husband Brett Desmond, who she married in August 2009, enjoying a relaxing holiday in Barbados, at her father-in-law’s Sandy Lane hotel complex.

4th January 2012 – Danielle Lloyd back to surgery after giving birth

UK model Danielle Lloyd has given birth twice in the past year and before her marriage in May she is planning to have further breast enhancement surgery. She claims that they have stretched following breast feeding and wants to get them back in shape. It has taken her two years to get back to her pre-motherhood model size. Her second child was born 10 weeks early, with a hole in his heart, buy thankfully survived.

6th January 2012 – Is Sienna Miller Pregnant ?

It’s been rumoured that 30 year old Sienna Miller is carrying the child of her partner Tom Sturridge. It’s still to be confirmed so watch this space.

7th January 2012 – Jessica Simpson heavily pregnant

31 year old Jessica Simpson didn’t let being heavily pregnant stop her from promoting her new fashion reality show ‘Fashion Star’ in California. Then it was off to a party thrown by NBC Universal, which was also attended by a galaxy of stars including : Christina Milian, Sarah Shahi, and Debra Messing.

9th January 2012 – Alicia Douvall hides new daughter

English glamour model 32 year old Alicia Douvall was recently spotted in central London, pushing her recently born daughter in her pram. As yet, the baby’s name has not been made public and the suggestion from her Twitter account is that she won’t be releasing it anytime soon. Mom had a caesarean delivery just a couple of days before Christmas. Alicia already has a 16 year old daughter, but is keeping the identity of her new off-spring under wraps.

10th January 2012 – Babies can understand you

Recent research in Wales has revealed that one year old babies react the same way regardless of the language being spoken to them. This is further proof that even with little concept of language, babies can understand the meaning of words purely by the tone that the mother uses when speaking those words.

English and Greek were the languages experimented with and in both cases the babies reactions to certain words were the same. The research concluded that it’s not what you say, but how you say (just like in adult life).

Check back soon – More ‘Pregnancy in the News‘ items to follow.

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