How to Have a Successful Pregnancy After 40

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With tougher social and economic pressures, more and more wannabe moms are leaving it later to start a family, but is this a wise choice ? – Well yes and no.

Of course it is understandable that families want to make sure they are in a comfortable position financially before they start to raise a family and we are living in a world whereby everyone has to have the ‘latest gadgets’ or smartest car – and these all cost money.

But at the other end of the scale, many families are struggling just to make ends meet and therefore, for them, it is unthinkable to Getting pregnant at 40raise a baby into that sort of environment. Gone are the days when one salary could easily be enough to start and raise a family. So they leave it a bit later whilst the mom and dad build up some savings.

But with women leaving motherhood later and later, this is bringing about its own complications. Understandably, they still want a natural pregnancy. So, are there pregnancy risks after 40 ? And can you even have a successful pregnancy after 40 ? The answer to both of these questions is yes.

As with all risks, those associated with pregnancy after 40 years of age can be minimised and there is much evidence of women who have had a successful pregnancy after 40. These can be attributed to reversing your biological clock (or at least maintaining what you have in your existing biological clock).

Old beliefs that women are born with a certain amount of eggs and once they’re gone, they’re gone, are starting to be questioned. The same question marks are being raised about the ever decreasing quality of female eggs as she gets older. The fact is, healthy ovulation can be extended into later life and late motherhood does not mean surrogacy, egg donation, recurrent miscarriage or adoption.

Pregnancy After 40 – Modern Day Studies

A recent study, in mice, at Massachusetts General Hospital (published in ‘Nature’) suggested that they continuously replenish their eggs. The conclusion being that there is no reason why humans couldn’t see pregnancy after 40 as the norm.

Other studies elsewhere have suggested :

  • Dr. Randine Lewis (Oriental medicine expert) : If you treat the kidneys and spleen (which are affected by the female’s aging reproductive systems) you can frequently turn back the reproductive aging clock.
  • Zhai Fertility Treatment clinic of London : Abnormally high levels of FSH revert to normal levels after applying traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Center in Colorado Springs : Patients with a poor chance of getting pregnant improved to normal levels of expectancy after undergoing traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • J. F. Nelson, R. G. Gosden and L. S. Felicio : concluded that rodents fed on a special diet suited to fertility reduced significantly follicle reduction in their ovaries.
  • Harvard Medical School studies concluded that conception rates doubled (compared with a control group) in women who attended a mind and body fertility get-away. A different study from the same school found drastic increases in conception from women who changed their diet to one known to improve fertility.
  • R.G. Godsen and C.E. Finch : Concluded that diet can reduce the speed at which ovaries age.

So, what’s the overall message here ? It would seem that Chinese medicine and / or a ‘special diet’ can greatly improve the chances of pregnancy after 40 years of age.

So pregnancy after 40 is achievable then ?

Yes, but if you accept that your chances of pregnancy after 40 are generally good, some might still be concerned that their genes will Fertility after 40let them down. Well that needn’t be the case, as other studies have shown that the menopause in identical twins can be as much as five years apart. And, furthermore, this gap actually appeared in 20 % of those twins in the study. Environmental factors also have a noticeable impact here. So genes might not be the issue you think it is.

Developing on what I said above  : Diet, stress, exercise, drugs (legal and illegal) all contribute to damaging our chances of pregnancy after 40. The good news is that we can control all of these things, so getting pregnant at 40 is achievable and pregnancy risks after 40 can be greatly reduced.

All I would say is that with conceiving natrually over 40 you just need to be specific and calculated in how you go about getting pregnant. Just ‘doing it’ and hoping for the best is likely to lead to frustration and disappointment.

What I recommend for all moms that are trying to get pregnant is to quit surfing the net for ‘magical cures’ and that ‘special piece of information’ – because although there is some great information out there – there is also some questionable articles. Far more success is seen by women who follow a program (even an infertility support group), rather than just picking up tips here and there.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even recommend my own highly regarded 100 Tips for Getting Pregnant series of articles as a guarantee of success. You really should follow a step by step guide.

With that in mind, you will note that I make several recommendations on this website – most of which are natural remedies for fertility. Of these, one course stands out by far for moms looking at enhancing their fertility and, ultimately, pregnancy after 40 years of age. It’s called Pregnancy Miracle, by Lisa Olson. This product is ideal for older moms and I have done a review of the product here : Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle Review.

Alternatively, if you want to go directly to Lisa’s web-site, then click on the book below.

Pregnancy After 40

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Whatever you do, please take some form of action. I have heard too many stories of moms surfing the net for months (even years) and not getting anywhere. Trying to get pregnant really needs to be a mechanical step by step process for some families, if that’s you, then stop the searching now and take action.

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