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Welcome to my Plan My Baby Review page. This is a review of the phenomenally successful eBook on gender selection, by Alicia Pennington.

Let me tell you up front, I am NOT going to try and sell this product to you. As you will see from a quick scroll down to the bottom of this page, I do actually offer two alternatives to this book, which you may want to consider.

If you were actually looking for the official Plan My Baby (Prince or Princess) website, then please click on the link below :

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However, if you were after an honest review of the product, then please read on.

My name is Maria Anderson and there is plenty of information about me on other pages of this web site, so I won’t take up your time here. Now, whilst I have had issues trying to get pregnant in the past, I have never actually wondered how to get pregnant with a boy, or how to get pregnant with a girl. For me, just giving birth to my beautiful little girl was more than enough joy. However, I fully appreciate that some moms do want that choice.

Why You Might Want To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

I have, in the past, run a support group for moms that were trying to get pregnant and many moms there did tell me their issues in trying to specifically give birth to a baby boy or a baby girl. Some of these reasons include :

  • Cultural – The preference of having a male over a female baby, for example.
  • Hereditary diseases – Some families want to have a particular gender to avoid any issues that may be running through either the male line or the female line.
  • To even things up – You might already have one (or more) of a certain gender and would rather one of the opposite gender to balance your family.

So, baby gender selection – Do you really have a choice ?

Plan My Baby Review – Course Contents

The course itself comes in eBook format. This means that you can read it on your computer (PC or Mac), printing it off if necessary. It is 63 pages long and available for immediate download (so no waiting for anything to arrive in the mail).

Once you are at the download page, you will get access to two download links : Plan My Baby Review

  • The actual eBook
  • The bonuses (see below)

The book is in easily identifiable sections, so you can focus on :

  • How to conceive a boy, or
  • How to conceive a girl

The first part is about what types of food to eat. It is important to note that you really need to start the program a couple of months before you plan to get pregnant, as your body will need time to adjust. For example it’s no good suddenly eating a load of dairy produce the day before you have sex and then expect to give birth to a little girl 9 months later.

Alicia does go into quite some detail about the example foods to each for each gender type and example recipes are also given.

Next up is the role that correct timing of intercourse plays in determining the gender of your baby. A little bit of planning on your part can have fantastic results.

Finally, the actual sex act itself is examined, explaining the reasons for deep penetration for a boy and shallow penetration for a girl. The graphics of the sexual positions are quite detailed – yet tastefully drawn.

Ovulation, conception and pregnancy is examined in other chapters of the book, and give a detailed, but easily understandable, explanation of what is actually going on inside your body during these times.

Bonus Material

You also get bonus material, which compliments the main book. These are :

  • The Healthy Pregnancy Guide
  • Breastfeeding Secrets
  • A Plan My Baby MP3 audio – I’m not sure if everyone gets this. You might see it as a bonus when you click the orange download now (“Order”) button on the sales page

Plan My Baby – The Good and The Bad ?

The great thing about this book is that it is really well structured, easy to follow, and it does not assume you to have a higher educational qualification in human biology. The terms used are simple and understandable.

Another plus point is that we are only talking about natural methods to achieve the desired outcome. The is no messing around with pills or potions, and neither will you be expected to undergo surgery. Natural always gets the ‘thumbs up’ in my book.

The bad news is that, if you are serious about this, then you will need to make some life-style changes. Now they could be be as simple as changing your diet (depending on where you are at now) – but hey, many moms have told me that it really was a small price to pay. Either way, you can’t go into this half-hearted. Take it seriously, or don’t take it at all is my advice.

Plan My Baby – Summary

Overall, an excellent publication which certainly appears to have a great success rate and is very popular. However, if it was me, then I probably would be a little bit hesitant in taking the plunge if a life depended on having either a boy or a girl (i.e. to avoid genetic problems mentioned previously) – in that case, I would consult my doctor before taking the plunge. However, if I was merely hoping to influence the gender of my next baby, then I would be more than happy to follow this advice.

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If you want to read more reviews on people’s experiences with this product, then you can find some testimonials on the official web site here : Plan My Baby Customer Testimonials. Alternatively, click on the link below to find out more about the product.

Plan My Baby Review
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CLICK HERE : To Go To The Official Plan My Baby Website

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I hope that this review has given you food for thought; you are able to follow through; and you do end up with a healthy baby of your choice. Please help spread the word, by using the social media buttons to share this Plan My Baby review article with moms who might need it.

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