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Welcome to my article on natural gender selection. On this page, I’m going to look at two of the best-selling on-line books for this topic (How to Get Pregnant with a Boy and How to Get Pregnant with a Girl) and give you some idea of what is contained within each.

For those of you that are new to natural gender selection, I will give a brief summary of the possibilities, before diving into the book reviews.

Natural Gender Selection – The Reasons

There are many reasons why you would rather have a baby boy or a baby girl. These could be :-

  • To avoid a disease, or birth defects, that might run in a particular line of your family
  • For cultural reasons
  • Because you might already have 2 or 3 children of one sex and now you want to balance things up in your family

Whatever the reason (and I’m not going to get into the moral issues here), there are things that you can do to help conceive the child of your choice. Basically, they can be broken down into two main categories :

  • Natural Gender Selection and
  • Gender Selection with Medical Assistance.

For me, I have always favoured the natural gender selection of choosing a baby’s gender as being more ethical and seems to me less like ‘playing God’.

Here is an interesting very short video from the Center of Human Reproduction :

As you would have heard from the above video, there are various practice settings, available on the internet which are unproven. So you have to be careful when choosing to have medical treatment. It can, unfortunately, prove to be a very costly mistake.

There are other articles on this site whereby I do discuss medical assistance in more detail, and I am certainly planning a whole IVF category of articles in the very near future (which might even be in the selection on the right-hand side by the time you read this).

However, for this article, I am concentrating on purely natural gender selection methods.

There are two books, which are currently available, that I’m going to review at the same time…. Why ? Well, because How to Get Pregnant With a Boy and How to Get Pregnant With a Girl have both been written by the same author : Penelope Louise Brown. They are very similar in substance and layout – just one of the books is tailored for conceiving a boy and the other tailored for conceiving a girl. Both have clearly taken what’s known as the Shettles Method as their inspiration.

But before the reviews, let me give you a bit of background knowledge and some gender selection tips.

Natural Gender Selection Methods & Tips

Natural gender selection methods have many advantages over more expensive, and potentially dangerous medical treatments.

I always recommend that if you are trying to get pregnant with a baby of a particular sex, then consider what you can do to influence the outcome from tried and trusted medically proven facts. Those being :

  • Male (Y chromosome) sperm are :
    • Smaller
    • Faster
    • More Fragile
    • Do not live as long as female sperm
  • Female (X chromosome) sperm are :
    • Bigger
    • Take longer to reach the egg
    • Are not as agile
    • Are more robust
    • Live longer than the male sperm

The Dr. Shettles Method, was devised in the 1960’s and followed the basic following natural gender selection methods :

How to conceive a boy Natural gender selection methods

  • Do not have sex in the week leading up to ovulation as your partner will need to build up his sperm count.
  • Time your sex as close to ovulation as possible (ideally on the same day as ovulation).
  • Go for deep penetrating sex, as this will give the sperm a ‘head start’ (remember they have a shorter life span). Doggy style is good for this purpose.
  • The woman needs to have an orgasm during sex (okay, that’s easier said than done). The rationale being that her juices are very alkaline in substance, and this helps the life-span of the male sperm.

How to Conceive a Girl Natural gender selection diets

  • Have as much sex as you can take in the days prior to ovulation (Good news), but stop two or three days before ovulation (Bad news). This is to ensure that as many of the male sperm are dead or incapable of swimming to the egg, once that is produced.
  • Go for shallow penetration sex (missionary works well here). This means that the male sperm would have further to swim and less will be less likely to make it.
  • Do not have an orgasm. This will make the reproductive area more acidic, killing off many of the male sperm, leaving the way free for female sperm.

Okay, that’s the background knowledge. Let’s look at the books which expand on these theories.

How to Get Pregnant With a Boy / How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

At 20 pages each, both of these books are smaller than the competition (which range from 50-odd pages to over 250 pages). But then remember they are each only focussing on one of the sexes (so combined they would actually be 40 pages long), whereas other books look at tips for conceiving both boys and girls.

Being thinner books, means that only the ‘essential’ information is covered (although, if you are like me, you’d like to know a bit more of the background to the subject matter). This, perhaps, also explains the lower cost at $37.00 each – current discounted price (usual price $47.00).

The essentials covered include :

  • Natural gender selection diet : What to eat and, equally important, what to avoid eating.
  • Best time to have sex (in more detail than I have scratched upon above) and a bit of information on ovulation.
  • The best sexual positions (again, more detail than what I’ve shared above).

Crucially, you actually get a summary sheet telling you what to do and when. This makes life a lot easier when you do eventually start with the program.


In line with many of the downloadable books on this subject, you get bonus books, which complement the main product. Both the male and female version of the book offer the same three bonuses : Natural Gender Selection

  • A guide to your pregnancy
  • Choosing the right baby monitor
  • How to look great in maternity clothing

Nice little freebies, but nothing to get too excited about (if they were that good, they would obviously be selling them separately).

Of course, being a downloadable book, you do get immediate access to the books and they also come with a satisfaction guarantee (which is pretty standard stuff for this type of product).


As you will see below, there are other books on the market in the natural gender selection niche. However, most other books cover how to get pregnant with a boy AND how to get pregnant with a girl, within the same cover.

This is all well and good, but most families are only interested in obtaining a baby of a particular sex and have no interest in reading about how to get pregnant with a boy if, for example, they are trying to get pregnant with a girl. So, effectively you are paying for a recipe about chicken, when you want to eat beef (I hope that makes sense).

Having said that, there is another school of thought which says that if you are looking to conceive a girl, then it can help you if you know the elements recommended to conceive a boy – if only to avoid doing those elements in the first place.

Now there are other natural gender selection type books on the market, and I have reviewed a couple of them at the following links :

The books reviewed above are more expensive, but do have a bit more ‘meat’ to them. So it really just depends on :

  • What budget you have
  • How deep (and serious) you are about natural gender selection

If you want to see a comparison of all of the natural gender selection books I’ve reviewed, then you can look at my article here : Shettles Method – comparison of books <comming soon>

To visit either of Penny Brown’s official web-sites, then click on the book of your choice or the links below the books.

How to get pregnant with a boy                                                               How to get pregnant with a girl

How to Get Pregnant with a Boy                                              How to get Pregnant with a Girl

Whichever route you take, I do wish you all of the best with your family planning, but would recommend that you do at least take some form of positive action.

Do not fall into the trap that many wannabe moms fall into….. That is, just surfing the net aimlessly hoping to find that miracle article that will ‘change everything’. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. You need to obtain a proven program and stick with it. Then you can expect to see success.

I hope you found this article on natural gender selection informative and you would help me by sharing this information, using the social media buttons below.

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