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Welcome to my article on male impotence.

Couples who are struggling to have a child very frequently assume that it is the complex female anatomy that is to blame. However, in many instances it is the man that ‘lets the side down’. For many man, impotence is a word that they do not want to hear. However, it is unfortunately a fact of life for many.

The good news is that, for most, a few simple life-style changes can help over-come such issues. This article aims to hi-light the issues and what can be done to overcome these problems.

Many men assume that erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, or even retarded ejaculation, are as a result of psychological factors, like :-

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • bereavement

Whilst the above issues can certainly test your relationship, the problems can be tempered with a loving partner or wife, a strong marriage, or just a good old fashioned dose of intimacy. To take it to the next level however, there is also Psychosexual Therapy for Impotence.

Unfortunately, problems can also manifest as a result of physical problems :-

  • diseases and medication – leading to erectile dysfunction
  • prostate cancer

Fortunately, in  most cases, the resolution is far easier. I would always recommend starting off by working on the following male impotence tips :

7 Male Impotence Tips

1) Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption Male Impotence caused by drinking

It sounds obvious, but to help your body ‘perform’ to the best of its ability you must be careful what you put into it. ‘Brewers Droop’ is a well-known phrase…. and for good reason. This is one of the chief causes of male impotence. In some studies, an incredible 80% of men who drank heavily suffered some form of sexual under performance – including loss of desire.

2) Exercise

Getting more exercise is another obvious solution, which isn’t always heeded. A fit body will not only give the man more confidence, but also improve blood flow. This, in turn, will help to create and maintain erections. Again there have been numerous studies to prove this to be the case. However, if you have been inactive for many years, you should obviously start your exercise regime slowly.

3) Look After Your Health

Exercising on its own is not enough. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity can all affect sexual performance. It is beyond the scope of this article to give general wellness advice, but there is plenty of advice elsewhere on the internet.

4) Stop Smoking Male Impotence - smoking cure

Nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels and this will, obviously have an effect on impotence. The good news is that this can quickly be reversed shortly after you stop smoking. Try Smoke Away (click on image to the right).

5) Review You Medications

There are certain medications that can be problematic for erections and sex drive. Specifically blood-pressure medications, anti-depressants, and drugs used to treat ulcers. And it is not just prescription drugs that can cause a problem. Over the counter remedies such as anti-histamines can also cause erection problems. Of course in all instances you should consult your doctor if you suspect that it is the drugs you are taking which are causing your sexual problems.

6) Erections Decline With Age

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that older men do not have as many erections as their younger counter-parts. Therefore, if your erections have declined over the years, you need to be ‘ready’ and make the most of those opportunities – regardless of the time of day.

7) Artificial Help

There are a number of pills like Levitra, Vardenafil, Sildenafil (Viagra), Cialis, Tadalafil, Udenafil and Uprima  . These should never be purchased over the internet and only bought in consultation with your doctor, as many of them have quite stark side effects. Also, be careful with the so-called mechanical aids as well.

Another of the male impotence remedies, although slightly out-dated, is penile implants. These come in the form of inflatable and non-inflatable pieces. Thorough research is again required and, as with pills, you should discuss your particular circumstance with your doctor first.

Male Impotence – Further Reading

When I told one of my male friends that I was going to write this article he openly admitted that he had suffered with impotency about 6 years ago. It was only for a short spell, but in that time he’d read an excellent book, which I’m delighted to say is still available on Amazon.

The book is called Overcoming Impotence, by J Stephen Jones M.D. – and it’s a whopper at over 300 pages. I will admit that I haven’t read this myself, but I have seen a copy and it’s really does seem to cover all the bases (just look through the table of contents when you go through to Amazon). There are 6 reviews on Amazon. Five of them give this a 5 out of 5 score!!

I hope you found this article useful. Keep a lookout for more articles on this subject in the coming months.

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