Male Fertility Testing – What Your Man Needs to Hear

Male Fertility Testing has got a lot easier and less embarrassing in the past five years, but still men are reluctant to have one done. Why is this ?

Men are obviously sensitive about this area of their health and a few decades ago that might have been understandable. However, time has moved on and most men are different now. They carry shoulder bags, they drink wine instead of beer, and even dress in pink shirts. But there still seems to be a stigma attached to fertility discussion which seems to threaten their masculinity.

As a woman, you need to tread very carefully when you broach this issue. However, with the right approach, male fertility testing can be discussed and the results can make a massive difference to your lives.

I have written elsewhere on this site about the causes of male infertility.

It’s Not Just You

Being subject to infertility can be very distressing – whichever partner it affects. This stress can make us very unpredictable and result in us blowing things out of all proportion.

You man needs to understand, however, that science has moved on in the past few decades and that it has been scientifically proven that men are just as much responsible for couples being unable to conceive, than the previously believed ‘guilty’ woman.

Also remember that past results do not equal current performance. Meaning, there have been many instances whereby men have :

  • fathered children in a previous relationship;
  • moved into a new relationship – with a childless woman;
  • but have been unable to make his new partner pregnant

Incorrect assumptions are then made that this is his new partner’s ‘problem’.

Getting pregnant is a shared responsibility. That means that when it doesn’t happen then it’s a shared challenge.

Male Fertility Testing – Why He Should Bat First

There are two main reasons why male fertility tests should be the first thing on your tick-list of things to do.

1. Male Fertility Testing is Easy

Firstly to test a man’s sperm is really easy. In January 2006, in the UK, the world’s first male fertility testing kit for use in the home became available – BBC News. Even back then the accuracy rate was an impressive 95%. The man only needs to provide a sperm sample (How easy is that !!).

For a woman to dive head-long into infertility treatments can be a lot more involved and can also be quite painful (physically and mentally).

2. Male Fertility Testing is Cheap

The second reason for the man to get tested first is the cost. Costs for an ‘at home sperm test kit’ range from $40 to $ 120. Results are instant as well. AND (he will like this one) the test is done in the privacy of your own home.

Female procedures can costs $000’s of dollars and the time to wait for the results can be weeks – leading to a lot of stress.

Lead the Man to Water – And He WILL Drink

See if you can get some leaflets from your family planning clinic or your doctor, about infertility and in particular male infertility. Alternatively, get him to read the article that you are currently reading (i.e. THIS page on ‘Male Fertility Testing’), or even direct him towards this article on Wikipedia (so he understands the scale of the potential problem) : Wikipedia : Male Infertility

Allow Him to Have His Say

After your initial discussion with him, allow him to have his say. But also allow him to have a think about it. If he doesn’t want to talk, then leave him alone for a few days. The last thing he wants is you ‘chirping on’ in his ear about how he should discuss it with you. He will talk…. WHEN he’s good and ready.

Don’t forget to tell him that you love him just as much as you ever did though. Whatever the results show, you are in it together remember.

Recommended Male Fertility Testing Kits

There are actually quite a few on the market, however, I have managed to narrow these down to just 2, which you might want to consider :

Male Fertility Testing Kit

SpermCheck Fertility     

Male Fertility Test Kit - option 2

Micra Sperm Test

Both of these tests are based on semen analysis and can detect a low sperm count. Click on either image to buy privately via (n.b. I have not indicated prices, as these will vary from time to time).

Final Thought

The one thing I would not recommend that you do is to ignore the issue. Rarely does the problem just go away. If you face up to the fact that there might be a problem then you ARE well on your way to resolving it.

Please feel free to review the other articles I have published on the topic of male infertility and male impotence. You can find them in the Male Infertility Section.

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