Top 10 Tips For Getting Pregnant

Thank you for reaching the final page of my 100 Tips for getting pregnant (assuming that you have clicked through each page)…..If you have just happened to have landed on this page then ‘welcome’, if you want to see the rest of the 90 tips in this series then start here : 10 Pregnancy Nutrition Tips and work your way through each page.

This final page in the series is really a mixture of ideas from all of the previous categories, but with a difference. What you see below really are some of the best tips (yes I did save the best until last, as a reward for you seeing it through to the end).

When discussing these 100 tips with the members in my support group, the tips mentioned below where ones that really struck a chord with the members (That’s not to say that the others listed on the previous pages are not important).

91 – Have Sex

Okay, it’s obvious, but many couples are so caught up with being told that they must have sex in certain days of the month and of course you have to take account of the man’s sperm count but as Nike would say “Just do it” !! You can only score if you take a shot at the goal.

92 – Wake Up & Make Love

I’d actually like to go one step further than the above tip……Making love first thing in the morning could improve your chances of conception. Sperm count in male’s increases during the night – all you have to go is set the alarm clock a little bit earlier and away you go.

93 – Ovulation Predictor Kits Tips for getting pregnant

These can be an excellent way of predicting the best time to conceive – i.e. the peak ovulation time of the month. They are easy to obtain via your local pharmacy or on-line stores. They come in the form of a test that measures luteinizing hormone levels. You need to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you do not get any false readings. The one I highly recommend is The Clearblue Ovulation Kit, which can be purchased from Amazon.

94 – Male Fertility Test

Although figures differ greatly, a significant reason for families struggling to conceive is due to issues with male sperm production. It costs less for the male to get his semen checked before the women has a fertility test. It is also easier to perform. There are two that come recommended, depending on your budget, as a start in this area :

Click on either image, to go straight to Amazon for more detailed information and up to date pricing.

95 – Not Just A Waiting Game…. But Also A Weighting Game

More than 1 in 10 cases of infertility are because the wannabe mother is too heavy or too light. A woman with too much body fat produces an excess of sex hormones. This will cause the body to regulate this, which it does too efficiently – effectively reducing the chances of conceiving. Conversely, a female with not enough body fat will struggle to produce sufficient estrogen for a successful reproductive cycle. You therefore need to stay within ideal weight guidelines for your height and build.

96 – Stay Clear Of Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen has been known to delay ovulation by as much as five days. So if you are trying to time your lovemaking you could be caught out. There is also a suggestion that taking similar such anti-inflammatories can disturb proper implantation. You could take simple herbs to reduce inflammation – for example ginger or turmeric.

97 – Beware Of Other Prescription Medicines

Always check the side effects of any prescription drugs and some do effect ovulation. It’s all about telling your doctor what you are trying to achieve and limiting the potential road-blocks to success.

98 – Get Support

I have dedicated two articles for getting outside professional help, but it’s also important to ensure that you are getting inside help via your family and friends. It isn’t embarrassing to admit that you are struggling to get pregnant and most people should be supportive. Remember it can actually have an effect on your relationship with your partner. There are also support groups local to you that can prove vital for sharing success stories. Ultimately, the more support you have, the lower your stress levels will be, and this in turn will improve your chances of conceiving.

99 – Consider Alternative Treatments & Stay Open Minded

When most people think of infertility treatments, they automatically think of IVF. However, hopefully this series of 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant has opened your mind to the myriad of alternative options available. In these difficult financial times the last thing people want is to spend money on expensive treatments and many are actually seeing fantastic success with inexpensive alternative methods.

100 – Don’t Give Up

Yes they may be times when you want to give up, but there are many cases whereby people have struggled for years and then ‘it just happened’ for them. Whilst there is still a chance there is always hope. Every month is another chance of getting what you desire. Treat it as a fresh start and remember the past does not equal the future. It might just be that small change which makes a huge difference.


I’m going to add in a couple of very good tips here :

Bonus 1 – Don’t Waste Time Surfing The Net

That might sound a little strange, because it’s surfing the net which has got you to this page. However… PLEASE STOP NOW !!!

I know far too many women that have struggled to get pregnant and they have spent hours / days / weeks / months surfing the net looking for ‘that little miracle’ hidden in an out of the way web-site. Unfortunately, those little miracles just don’t exist. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of picking up and idea here and an idea there.

Bonus 2 – Follow A Dedicated Program

This one is just common sense, but it is linked to the Bonus Tip 1, mentioned above :

  • If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, you will follow a program designed to teach you the basics and work your way up.
  • If you want to loose weight, you will follow a weightloss program.
  • If you want to get fit for a marathon, you will follow an exercise program.

And so to getting pregnant. Even if you used all of the 100 tips I’ve given you on these 10 pages, the chances of you getting pregnant may be better than they were, but without clear direction or a structure to follow you could still be just ‘hitting and hoping’.

What’s next to help get you pregnant ?

I hope that my 100 tips for getting pregnant have given you a starting point and you are able to introduce many of these ideas straight away. However, I should tell you that I have only been able to scratch the surface with these tips and if you are really serious about getting pregnant then you need to follow a full professional program – rather than just pick aimlessly at a few tips (from this web site or any other for that matter).

With this in mind, I highly recommend that you take a look at The Full Embrace™ Pregnancy Success Program, by Diana Farrell. Please click on the image below.

Pregnancy success

Click the above link to go directly to the official website, or check out my review of this product on the following page : Pregnancy Success Program Product Review.

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Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 2)

Welcome to the second part of Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 2), and the ninth of the series of 100 Tips For getting pregnant. Again, you will need your doctor’s help and consent to follow any of these methods – this is just letting you know what’s potentially available. Click on this link, if you missed part 1 of Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 1).

81 – Do Your Research Regarding Professional Treatment Options

Whilst you don’t want to be negative about your chances of getting pregnant, it’s always useful to find out early about potential professional treatments. Some might take a little while to set up and you, at least, need to factor this in when undertaking your family planning. At the very least, look at the options outlined in this and the previous article and investigate those further.

82 – Try an IVF scholarship

I’m not sure about other areas of the world, but this is certainly a possibility in the United States. IVF is not cheap, but looking for a scholarship might just bring this procedure within reach. You might have to undertake some form of work for the generous company / organization, but the rewards will be well worth it.

83 – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This can be used to improve the success rate of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Basically it involves the sperm being injected directly into the middle of the egg. It is not to be confused with tip no. 80 where the sperm where injected near the fallopian tube, but not actually into the egg.

84 – Donor Sperm – If The Issue Is With Your Man

Again in tip 80, I spoke about a procedure called Intra-Uterine Insemination. If this does not work, then there is always using donated sperm. Of course, the rates of success are still dependent of fertility factors of the woman, but the donated sperm should, at least be healthy.

85 – The Menopause Isn’t Just For The Over 50’s

Whilst the average age for a woman to start her menopause is 51, do not think that women a lot younger are immune to this. In fact, this can start as early as your 30’s. Therefore, if you are of this age, then do not rule out the menopause as being part of any problems you might have. Remember, the symptoms can include : unusually heavy or light periods; periods that are irregular; & hot flashes. Of course the menopause affects the ovaries and so the uterus itself is not affected. Therefore, you can still use donated eggs and embryos (see Tips 78 and 79).

86 – Have A Hysteriosalpingiogram

This is a useful – yet simple – test, which can really help to reveal fertility issues. An x-ray, following a dye injection into the uterus, can hi-light numerous issues, such as : polyps, pelvic scar tissue, blocked fallopian tubes and fibroid tumours.

87 – Get Endometriosis Treated

This condition is where cells of the uterus lining grow elsewhere in the body. This has the potential to cause infertility which could get progressively worse in time. Further details on this condition can be found here :

88 – Help Your Doctor Find A Solution

It is very important that you do find a treatment that is right for you. There is no doubt that you will have much more success in following through with a treatment (however complex), if you and your doctor are ‘on the same page’. You are certainly in the right place, on this web site, to review the options available that you can take forward with your doctor. Now work with them as a team.

89 – Consider A Naturopathic Doctor

If you believe in alternative treatments (I certainly do), then it is well worth considering a doctor who specializes in naturopathic medicine. Not only will you have a good chance of conceiving, but the very nature of the treatment (with natural ingredients and life-style changes) will mean that your over-all wellness will be improved. The types of treatment used by these doctors can also be used in conjunction with more established practices (e.g. IVF).

90 – Surrogacy As An Option

This is where another woman carries the child during pregnancy. One option is where the eggs & uterus is made available (surrogate). Here, your partner’s sperm is injected to the surrogate mother after her ovulation. The other option is only where the uterus is donated (gestational carrier). In this option, your eggs and your partner’s sperm are fertilized in the laboratory and then placed into the gestational carrier’s uterus. Surrogacy is a tough decision as there are many things to consider in addition to the medical formalities (e.g. ethical and legal issues).

And that just leaves one final article in this series. Some would say that I have certainly saved the best tips for last. Please click the link below :

Part 10 : Top 10 Tips For Getting Pregnant

Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 1)

Welcome to Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 1). This is part eight of the 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant series. This is a two part mini-series on getting professional help. The second part can be found on the link at the bottom of this page.

With the tips contained within these two pages, you will need to consult your doctor and so really they should be seen as the ‘second layer’ of treatments, after you have  tried some of the ‘quick wins’ mentioned in the previous seven articles.

71 – Test for Fertility Early On

Despite what I have said in the introduction about having first and second layers of ‘treatments’, one thing you should certainly do early on, if you suspect problems, is to actually test for fertility. Don’t assume that things will just run smoothly. The sooner to identify any problems the sooner you can resolve them.

72 – Learn About Your Body

None of us a born with an in depth working knowledge of our bodies, and unless you are in the medical profession, than chances are that your education of ‘what goes on inside’ will be basic at best. Of course all the knowledge in the world isn’t going to make an underperforming body good, but it will at least give you the knowledge needed in order for you or your partner to make the necessary changes.

73 – Are Your Genes The Problem ?

This really is a complex area, but might be worth the expense (at some stage) to undergo pre-implementation genetic tests. Basically, if genetic issues are suspected then embryo selection can be undertaken to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy – although success rates do seem to be disputed. Wikipedia again has a nice little introduction if you did want to take this a little further :

74 – How A Chiropractor Can Help

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that you really need to ‘think outside the box’ when trying to get pregnant. This next idea really will get a few eye-brows raised, but stay with me for a minute. Many people do not appreciate that the spine has 1000’s of nerve endings. These affect the nervous system (obviously). So what’s the link ? Well it’s the nervous system that controls, and is effectively responsible for, ovulation. If your back and its nerves are not in alignment, then it follows that ovulation (and therefore fertility) will also be out of alignment. Studies in this area have proved that the work of a chiropractor can improve fertility in some women.

75 – Try A Postcoital Test

Usually undertaken during ovulation, this test checks the swimming efforts of sperm in the woman’s cervical mucus. A doctor can tell quite a bit from the way the sperm are swimming, or indeed if they have died too quickly or if there is a low sperm count.

76 – IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) can help in many instances of infertility. After assisting the growth of many eggs, they are fertilized in the lab, with the male’s sperm. Unfortunately this does come at a cost, however. You will of course need to consult your doctor and be assessed for such treatment. It’s certainly not for everyone, but the rewards are life changing.

77 – Don’t Just Rely On Your General Practitioner

Without doubt, if you are having problems you must see an infertility specialist also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. It’s true that a regular gynaecologist can review and provide simple treatments, following a review of initial tests. But a fertility specialist really needs to be employed with more complex matters. They should be specifically fully qualified in infertility matters, being a fellow in REI (Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility).

78 – Donor Eggs Are An Option

If your eggs are of poor quality or quantity, or you have complete ovarian failure, then your only option might be to use a donated egg. These have been successfully utilized for the past 30 years and are certainly a viable option.

79 – Donor Embryos Work As Well

Less well known is the fact that you can receive donor embryos. This is usually undertaken when your own embryos are not strong enough to survive. You will need to check with your fertility center to see if they run such a program

80 – Intra-Uterine Insemination

For this procedure, male sperm are provided by your partner and injected close to the fallopian tube at ovulation – to give the best possible chance of conception. This is usually undertaken where there is a blockage in the woman’s tubes, or even when the male sperm struggle to swim, or their shelf-life is limited.

I hope you enjoyed the first of the two parts relating to getting outside help. For the next part, click

100 Tips For Getting Pregnant

(Part 9 – Getting Professional Help(b))

Things To Think About To Help Conception

Welcome to Things To Think About To Help Conception. This is the seventh page of my 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant. The tips on this page are more for reflecting on what you might have heard in the past. It really is just to de-bunk some of the myths and assumptions that are out there…….

61 – Do I Need To Have An Orgasm To Get Pregnant ?

Despite on-line rumours, a woman does not need to have an orgasm to get pregnant (obviously). The contractions experienced during an orgasm do not improve the chances of conception (i.e. by getting the sperm to the egg any quicker).

62 – If My Man’s Sperm Count Is Low, Should We Have Sex less Often ?

No, the simple reason being is that the sperm will just end up dying in the testicles. So holding off will not help at all.

63 – Is It A Case Of ‘The More Sex The Better’ Then ?

Unfortunately, the flip side is not so good either. It can take up to three months for sperm to reach maturity. Therefore, your man could end up ejaculating immature sperm if you make love frequently, and healthy sperm could end up being wasted on the woman’s non fertile days.

64 – Success Through The Law of Attraction

I accept that this tip is not going to be for everyone. There are many books, audios and even TV films like “The Secret”, which provide the theories and history behind the Law of Attraction. However, one of the most successful programs that really take you through step by step from where you are to where you want to get to (for anything in life, not just pregnancy) is the Manifest A Miracle program by Gary Evans. It really is packed with information (60 page ebook, 14 videos, work-sheets and 10 bonus reports). It’s certainly worth considering as I do know people that have achieved success with this program.

65 – I Have Already Been Pregnant Once, So There Shouldn’t Be A Problem, Right ?

Well, unfortunately, previous births do not guarantee that you will give birth again. Your circumstances might have changed with a downgrade in your eating patterns, or you may have become unfit, or you and / or your partner’s reproductive organs might not be as healthy as when you were younger. Or you may even have a different partner, and he could be the problem. Of course, it is not all bad news, and there are many tips in this series, for both of you, that help those trying to get pregnant, even if you have previously given birth.

66 – Do Not Avoid The Subject Hoping That Any ‘Issues’ Will Go Away

Face up to your problems. Admit that you might be having issues, and you will be half way to resolving them.

67 – It’s A Myth To Rely On The 14th Day

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of information on the internet which suggests that your cycle’s 14th day is the most optimum to have sex. However, this assumes a regular 28 day cycle, which does not actually happen. Cycles are different in different women, which means ovulation changes are different also. So relying on a certain date might not actually help you.

68 – If I Can’t Get Pregnant It Must Be My Fault, Right ?

This was always a common assumption in years gone by, due to the more complex nature of the female body. However, today science has moved on and we know that is not necessarily the case. It does take ‘two to tango’ and therefore the reproductive parts of both the male and the female have to be in good working order for the magic to happen. Have your man checked out for a low sperm count, and get him to ensure that he follows the relevant tips in this series of articles.

69 – I’m Sure I’m Fine….. It Must Be My Partner

Of course there is a flip side, with many women insisting that their bodies are fit and healthy. Whilst your history might be a good indicator of your propensity to get pregnant, don’t assume that any failings on that front must be because of the man in your life. It will, however, be cheaper to get him checked out first.

70 – Many People Are Leaving Family Planning Too Late

For various social and economic reasons, prospective parents are leaving it later and later to start a family. Of course, we are living in troubled economic times at the moment, and it is therefore understandable that some people might want to leave it later, to ensure that they have a solid standard of living to bring the baby into the world with. However, trying to get pregnant later in life is more difficult and is not without its own dangers. Whilst there is never an ideal time to get pregnant, from a biological success perspective, it is better to go for sooner rather than later.

Once again, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the tips on this page. The next page is one of two pages I will produce on the same subject :

Part 8 – Getting Professional Infertility Help (part 1)

10 Practical Things You Can Do To Help Conception

Welcome to Practical Things You Can Do To Help Conception. This is part 6 in my 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant series of articles. I do hope that, as we enter the second half of this series, you are gaining some benefit and you’ve identified some changes that can be implemented immediately (if you haven’t done so already). So let’s get practical….

51 – Stop Taking The Pill

Okay, this should be so obvious that it shouldn’t need mentioning. However, there might be some things about this that you didn’t know. For example, the pill can actually prevent ovulation long after you have stopped taking it – some say as long as 2 to 3 months in some women. It is therefore best to stop taking the pill as soon as you decide that you want to raise a family, and don’t expect miracles straight away.

52 – Monitoring Body Temperature

Start taking body temperature readings two to three months before planning to get pregnant, in order for you have an idea of your ovulation cycle, and use a Basal Thermometer. It is important to record your temperature as soon as you wake up, and before you eat or drink anything. You might want to draft a simple chart, with the temperature in increments of 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit along the side (say 96.5 through to 98 degrees), and the dates along the bottom of the chart. If you join up the dots, it will clearly show a curve making the cycle obvious. Ovulation is indicated by a temperature rise of 4.0 Fahrenheit over a 48hr time-scale.

Be mindful, though, that temperature readings can be skewed by things such as the amount of sleep you have had; whether you consumed alcohol the previous night; or your general state of health (i.e. do you have a fever). The problem with this method is that, ovulation would have already occurred once you see the rise in temperature.

53 – Should My Man Be Using Ice-packs Practical Things You Can Do To Help Conception - Ice

Okay, it is stated elsewhere on this site, that male sperm do not perform when overheated. So logic would say that if he applies an ice-pack to his genitals then this might help cool them down. Unfortunately, it does not work like that – you do not want to freeze them to death. Leave them alone ‘au naturel’ and they will perform to the best of their ability (however good or bad that may be).

54 – Cervical Mucus Testing

Another test you can undertake by yourself is to check the condition of your cervical mucus. This changes throughout your monthly cycle from being hostile to sperm, to aiding its passage to the egg. The mucus generally starts very dry, and then turns creamy, before ending up like the white of an uncooked egg. When you get to the stage of a stretchy, but watery mucus, then the time is right for making babies.

55 – Don’t Jump Up After Sex

After making love, take time to relax for a bit. You don’t want to jump up and start doing the ironing straight away; your man’s little swimmers might just end up dripping out. Instead, give the sperm five or ten minutes to start swimming in the right direction, then get up and do the laundry (How romantic).

56 – Will Headstands Help Then ?

I’ve mentioned previously that sexual positions can make a difference, before and after love making. However, doing a headstand, after sex, will not help the sperm get to the egg any quicker or more efficiently.

57 – Get Out More Tips for getting pregnant - Get some sun

A study at Yale Uni concluded that there is a link between low amounts of the D vitamin (obtained from sunlight) with infertility in women. Supplements should be taken, especially in winter, or if you are in a particularly temperate, dull, climate.

58 – Romantic Weekend Away

Well this one is certainly worth a try. Seriously, for some couples it really is just a case of ‘getting away from it all’ which can make all the difference. The relaxing, stress-free, environment can work wonders for your reproductive organs. Remember though, it must coincide with your most fertile time of the month.

59 – Don’t Leave Me

The last thing you want, when trying to get pregnant, is for you or your partner to be ‘working away’. It sounds obvious, but you really need to be with each other as much as possible during this time, to ensure that you ‘hit the right days’.

60 – Does My Cervical Position Make A Difference ?

Most certainly. In fact, although it’s not easy to judge accurately, it is a better indicator of ovulation than either your body temperature or cervical mucus (52 and 54 above). The menstrual cycle starts with a hard, low and open cervix. Then the uterine opening closes when the blood stops, although the cervix remains low and hard at this point. Next, coming up to ovulation, the cervix becomes soft and rises up. Eventually, it may actually feel as though it has disappeared completely (because your finger can no longer reach it and it’s embedded with the walls of the vagina). Finally, you are most fertile when it becomes wet, high and open.

I hope you enjoyed this article. The next one in the series is :

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