PCOS and Pregnancy Facts for Women Struggling To Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant with PCOS can be quite a challenging experience for wannabe moms. This article aims to shed light on this condition and confirm that pregnancy is actually possible.

By way of introduction, here is a great video from the Center for Human Reproduction.

PCOS – What is it ?

Briefly, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a mess of hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can create numerous diverse symptoms, usually the ovarian cysts hence its name. PCOS occurs in about 5 to 10 % of wannabe moms, and though treating it is tricky, it is ultimately a manageable situation.

Can it stop me getting pregnant ?

Unfortunately, PCOS is the paramount reason behind infertility amongst wannabe mothers. The hormonal imbalances that result in the condition also lead to an inability to ovulate, unpredictable periods, and other issues that decrease fertility.

As an example, one of the most common symptoms is a resistance to insulin. Insulin helps regularise levels of sugar in your system. With increased insulin resistance, the hormone is less effective, so when sugar levels increase, our bodies produce more insulin to make up for this inefficiency.

Whenever our bodies produce additional insulin, it also produces more androgens, which in turn immobilize ovulation. PCOS can also lead to increases in weight, among other symptoms which, ultimately, reduces fertility greatly.

Unfortunately, there are also risks associated with PCOS, including :

  • Premature birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Gestational Diabeties (associated condition)
  • Other pregnancy problems

Thankfully, despite your fertility taking a huge hit from PCOS, it is still possible to get pregnant in spite of the condition. With lifestyle changes, fertility drugs, and even more advanced medical procedures, your fertility can be improved enough to allow wannabe mothers to conceive.

So what should I be doing ?

If you’ve got PCOS and are trying to get pregnant, the 1st and most important thing you should do is adjust your life-style around it. A number of PCOS symptoms can be managed by a few amendments in what you eat and the way you treat yourself.

Pregnancy Success with PCOS E.g., in order to overcome insulin resistance, wannabe moms can try going on a reduced glucose index or reduced-carbohydrate diet. By moderating the amount of sugar that goes into your system, you also moderate the amount of insulin your body makes, which might just be enough to allow for conception.

Regular exercise is crucial if you want to get pregnant. Another common symptom of PCOS is weight gain, and this can result to unpredictable periods. By undertaking some light work-outs on a regular basis, you can shed the surplus kilos whilst keeping your stress levels in-check. This will encourage regular periods & make ovulation cycles more regular.

Since taking care of your body is a major factor of getting beyond PCOS, it only follows suit that you stop smoking and drinking alcohol. These two things add to the effects of PCOS in multiple ways, so it is best to cut them out of your system totally. You can also have natural supplements that detoxify your system and increase the number of vitamins and minerals you may be lacking.

Of course, the very first thing you’ll want to do is speak to your doctor or fertility expert concerning these changes. Trained professionals will be your best source of help in this department, and they will be able to ascertain which treatment will be the best for you to take. As always, try to get a second opinion elsewhere.

Are there any specialist drugs that could help ?

If simple life-style changes are not enough, then there are several medications on the market that can assist in increasing your chances of conceiving.

For example, metformin can assist in shrinking the effects of insulin resistance, resulting in increased probability of ovulating. You can also get drugs that make up for hormonal deficiencies in you similar to Follicle Stimulating Hormone & Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, both of which play vital roles in your cycles.

That doctor visit will be all the more essential here, as he or she will be aware of which prescriptions are ideally suited towards your case. You will also want to ask your doctor about the probable complications which might come with the drugs.

What about PCOS Treatments ?

If the previously mentioned drugs do not work there are PCOS treatments. You can try Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling. This surgical procedure removes sections of your ovary in an attempt to promote regular periods. Given the drastic nature of this procedure, however, it should really only be used as a last resort.

The case may be that you can ovulate okay, but extra complications from PCOS might be preventing the fertilization of the egg. For this form of concern, there are 2 common treatments: in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

IVF is the removal of a good egg from your system, to be fertilized outside of your body. IUI, on the other hand, involves the direct injection of semen into your uterus to help fertilization. Both procedures have varying degrees of success, but can achieve good results. I will be producing further details on each of these treatments shortly and will provide links when they are ready for publication.

So, whilst getting pregnant with PCOS might need a few life-style changes, or some medical assistance, it is certainly not impossible. The Pregnancy Success Program (click on link to read lots of success stories). This is an excellent resource to guide you through any life-style changes that may be required (see my review link below).

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Author : Maria Anderson is a researcher of women’s health issues. This article has been produced for informational purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Pregnancy In The News

On this page, I’m going to keep you up to date with pregnancy in the news. Mostly, this is going to be about US and UK celebrities and how they manage their day to day lives whilst in pregnancy. But there will also be breaking news stories regarding pregnancy treatments which you may find interesting.

21st December 2011 – How a mother avoided another miscarriage

It was reported on the BBC website, that a mother in Coventry in the UK, who had previously suffered with two miscarriages, had safely given birth to a daughter. Doctors were fearful that she was about to lose her baby with surgery and medication not seemingly helping. As a last straw, and in the final three months of her pregnancy, they decided to raise her legs to relieve the pressure on her womb. This worked with great success, much to the delight of the family.

2nd January 2012 – Alessandra Ambrosio starting to show

Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio (30), released a video on Facebook which showed off her amazing body. I suspect the video was shot a little while ago, as more recent photos of her shows her developing ‘bump’ growing. The baby, itself, is due this spring. http://bcove.me/5qo4vzfh

3rd January 2012 – Jessica Alba’s post pregnancy figure

Actress Jessica Alba was spotted recently sunning herself in Mexico, looking extremely toned, just four months after giving birth to Haven, her second daughter. Now why couldn’t I get back into shape so quickly after giving birth ?

3rd January 2012 – Pregnant Andrea Corr out in the sun

Irish pop group The Corrs lead singer Andrea Corr (37 years old), is just over half way through her pregnancy term. However, this didn’t stop her and her husband Brett Desmond, who she married in August 2009, enjoying a relaxing holiday in Barbados, at her father-in-law’s Sandy Lane hotel complex.

4th January 2012 – Danielle Lloyd back to surgery after giving birth

UK model Danielle Lloyd has given birth twice in the past year and before her marriage in May she is planning to have further breast enhancement surgery. She claims that they have stretched following breast feeding and wants to get them back in shape. It has taken her two years to get back to her pre-motherhood model size. Her second child was born 10 weeks early, with a hole in his heart, buy thankfully survived.

6th January 2012 – Is Sienna Miller Pregnant ?

It’s been rumoured that 30 year old Sienna Miller is carrying the child of her partner Tom Sturridge. It’s still to be confirmed so watch this space.

7th January 2012 – Jessica Simpson heavily pregnant

31 year old Jessica Simpson didn’t let being heavily pregnant stop her from promoting her new fashion reality show ‘Fashion Star’ in California. Then it was off to a party thrown by NBC Universal, which was also attended by a galaxy of stars including : Christina Milian, Sarah Shahi, and Debra Messing.

9th January 2012 – Alicia Douvall hides new daughter

English glamour model 32 year old Alicia Douvall was recently spotted in central London, pushing her recently born daughter in her pram. As yet, the baby’s name has not been made public and the suggestion from her Twitter account is that she won’t be releasing it anytime soon. Mom had a caesarean delivery just a couple of days before Christmas. Alicia already has a 16 year old daughter, but is keeping the identity of her new off-spring under wraps.

10th January 2012 – Babies can understand you

Recent research in Wales has revealed that one year old babies react the same way regardless of the language being spoken to them. This is further proof that even with little concept of language, babies can understand the meaning of words purely by the tone that the mother uses when speaking those words.

English and Greek were the languages experimented with and in both cases the babies reactions to certain words were the same. The research concluded that it’s not what you say, but how you say (just like in adult life).

Check back soon – More ‘Pregnancy in the News‘ items to follow.

Are You Really Set For Pregnancy ?

One of the things that might be stopping you from becoming pregnant is the fact that you might not actually be prepared for it. Let me explain………

You may think that you are happy to proceed with getting pregnant, but somewhere in the back of your head you might be unaware that there is a little alarm bell sounding off saying, “Hey wait a minute, you haven’t considered xyz. I’m not going to let you get pregnant until you’ve thought that point through”. Let’s just call is a safety mechanism and it might not be as far ‘off the mark’ as you might think.

With that in mind, let’s consider some very basic information that you should, by now, have considered…….


This has to be the number one priority when trying to get pregnant. Firstly, you must be in good health to start off with and prepare for, and expect to feel, rough as the pregnancy progresses. Will you be in a position to be able to attend regular examinations – especially as you near the time to give birth ?

Depending on the country you are in : Do you have health insurance and, if so, does it cover for pregnancy care ?


Can you actually afford to have a child. For a while you will not be able to work – Does your partner earn enough ? Remember, your bills are going to increase – even with the help of family and friends. Babies are cheap, toddlers are a bit more expensive, and as for teenagers wants and needs….well let’s not even go there. Suffice to say, you will need a long term plan. Don’t just think about the first 6 months. If you are currently in a job, will you be able to go back to it and work the same, or reduced, hours ?

If you do go back to work, what will be your childcare arrangements ?…. And how much will those cost ? If you are relying on your parents to baby sit whilst you go back to work, how many years are they going to be able to do that for ? And what will happen if something happens to them ?

Your Home

Linked to finances are your current living arrangements. Initially babies don’t take up much room, but they grow, and so will the space required to look after them. If you have a small place is it easy to keep tidy, or are you forever having to step over junk ? If so, then that is not the right environment to bring up a child. Eventually, they will need their own room as well – they can’t sleep with you forever. Do the thinking and the planning now, whilst you are in a position to think rationally.

Is Everyone On Board ?

YOU might want a child now, but is your partner 100 per cent in agreement ? If not, you could be storing yourself up plenty of trouble for the future. And what about existing children in your family (if any). Have you consulted them ? What are their feelings ? Are they going to get jealous ? Are they feeling left out ? Existing children are much less likely to be a problem if you keep them informed of what’s going on and make them feel part of the process.


I honestly believe that if you ensure that the above core fundamentals have been taken into account then, not only will family life be a lot easier for you, but this could be the actual ‘release’ that enable your body to say “okay, the time is right”.

Give Your Man’s Testosterone a Boost

There are many things your man can eat to immediately give his testosterone levels a kick. Let him take a look at these tips and play his part in a successful conception.


Whilst you might be a bit limited with some of the recommended food on this page, there is no doubting the versatility of this product. There are countless recipes containing eggs and whilst they are rich in cholesterol, this is actually an important requirement to help produce testosterone. They also contain zinc, which also increases testosterone.


Yes, it’s that ‘wonder food’ again. Many doctors and nutritionists have waxed lyrical in recent times about the cancer busting properties of this strange looking vegetable. However, it also has a serious role to play in the reduction of oestrogen (making testosterone more dominate in the male body).

If you really can’t stand the taste (it’s actually not that bad), you can always add a sauce to it – simple gravy or even a cheese sauce goes down a treat.


Another from the ‘tastes awful but is actually quite good for you’ collection (why does it always work that way ?). This little monster is packed with indole-3-carbinol. In addition to its antioxidant properties, it (like broccoli) reduces oestrogen whilst boosting testosterone. Now you just need to make it taste nice and your away !!


Whilst no-one really wants to make love to a man reeking of garlic, the allicin found in these little bulbs does help testosterone production. Unfortunately, there is a ‘but’…….. Allicin reduces its potency when cooked, so you’re going to have to suffer the smell even more, by eating it raw – although, thankfully, just a few shavings are more than enough to obtain a benefit. Of course, parsley is reported to counteract the smell of garlic – although it has never worked for me.


This one really will help you. It’s probably the pick of the bunch. Testosterone relies on all of the following : vitamins A,B,C,D,E & K; potassium; zinc; folic acid. The avocado has you covered with all of these in a single serving.

There are many ways to serve this up : sliced in sandwiches; as a holder for a filling (after removing the sizable stone from the middle) or as the main ingredient of guacamole.

Sunflower Seeds

Okay, this looks as though it should belong in a guinea pig food bowl, but don’t underestimate the power of these little seeds. Packed with vitamin E, this is known to have a beneficial impact on testosterone levels. Mixed with other seeds they actually serve as a great snack as well.


A male’s testicles are not known as ‘nuts’ for nothing. Tests have revealed that guys who eat monounsaturated fats (as found in peanuts in particular) generally have higher levels of testosterone. Of course, there are many other health benefits of having monounsaturated fats in your diet – being particularly good for the heart.

If chomping on handfuls of nuts is not your thing, then why not re-live your childhood cravings for peanut butter (just don’t overdo it fellas).


Have you ever thought about the phrase ‘sowing your wild oats’ ? Oats release chemicals that help produce additional testosterone in a man. Studies have shown increased libidos in men within two months of introducing oats into their diets.

Looking for more information ?

I hope you found this article helpful. If you and your partner are having problems conceiving a child, please feel free to browse the rest of my site for additional tips. In particular, I would recommend my causes of infertility in men page.

Images :
Eggs : http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1857
Avocado : http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2365

Male Impotence

Welcome to my article on male impotence.

Couples who are struggling to have a child very frequently assume that it is the complex female anatomy that is to blame. However, in many instances it is the man that ‘lets the side down’. For many man, impotence is a word that they do not want to hear. However, it is unfortunately a fact of life for many.

The good news is that, for most, a few simple life-style changes can help over-come such issues. This article aims to hi-light the issues and what can be done to overcome these problems.

Many men assume that erection difficulties, premature ejaculation, or even retarded ejaculation, are as a result of psychological factors, like :-

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • bereavement

Whilst the above issues can certainly test your relationship, the problems can be tempered with a loving partner or wife, a strong marriage, or just a good old fashioned dose of intimacy. To take it to the next level however, there is also Psychosexual Therapy for Impotence.

Unfortunately, problems can also manifest as a result of physical problems :-

  • diseases and medication – leading to erectile dysfunction
  • prostate cancer

Fortunately, in  most cases, the resolution is far easier. I would always recommend starting off by working on the following male impotence tips :

7 Male Impotence Tips

1) Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption Male Impotence caused by drinking

It sounds obvious, but to help your body ‘perform’ to the best of its ability you must be careful what you put into it. ‘Brewers Droop’ is a well-known phrase…. and for good reason. This is one of the chief causes of male impotence. In some studies, an incredible 80% of men who drank heavily suffered some form of sexual under performance – including loss of desire.

2) Exercise

Getting more exercise is another obvious solution, which isn’t always heeded. A fit body will not only give the man more confidence, but also improve blood flow. This, in turn, will help to create and maintain erections. Again there have been numerous studies to prove this to be the case. However, if you have been inactive for many years, you should obviously start your exercise regime slowly.

3) Look After Your Health

Exercising on its own is not enough. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity can all affect sexual performance. It is beyond the scope of this article to give general wellness advice, but there is plenty of advice elsewhere on the internet.

4) Stop Smoking Male Impotence - smoking cure

Nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels and this will, obviously have an effect on impotence. The good news is that this can quickly be reversed shortly after you stop smoking. Try Smoke Away (click on image to the right).

5) Review You Medications

There are certain medications that can be problematic for erections and sex drive. Specifically blood-pressure medications, anti-depressants, and drugs used to treat ulcers. And it is not just prescription drugs that can cause a problem. Over the counter remedies such as anti-histamines can also cause erection problems. Of course in all instances you should consult your doctor if you suspect that it is the drugs you are taking which are causing your sexual problems.

6) Erections Decline With Age

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that older men do not have as many erections as their younger counter-parts. Therefore, if your erections have declined over the years, you need to be ‘ready’ and make the most of those opportunities – regardless of the time of day.

7) Artificial Help

There are a number of pills like Levitra, Vardenafil, Sildenafil (Viagra), Cialis, Tadalafil, Udenafil and Uprima  . These should never be purchased over the internet and only bought in consultation with your doctor, as many of them have quite stark side effects. Also, be careful with the so-called mechanical aids as well.

Another of the male impotence remedies, although slightly out-dated, is penile implants. These come in the form of inflatable and non-inflatable pieces. Thorough research is again required and, as with pills, you should discuss your particular circumstance with your doctor first.

Male Impotence – Further Reading

When I told one of my male friends that I was going to write this article he openly admitted that he had suffered with impotency about 6 years ago. It was only for a short spell, but in that time he’d read an excellent book, which I’m delighted to say is still available on Amazon.

The book is called Overcoming Impotence, by J Stephen Jones M.D. – and it’s a whopper at over 300 pages. I will admit that I haven’t read this myself, but I have seen a copy and it’s really does seem to cover all the bases (just look through the table of contents when you go through to Amazon). There are 6 reviews on Amazon. Five of them give this a 5 out of 5 score!!

I hope you found this article useful. Keep a lookout for more articles on this subject in the coming months.

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Image: Boaz Yiftach / FreeDigitalPhotos.net