IVF Diet – Foods You Must Avoid With IVF Treatment

In this article I’m going to focus on the foods that you’ll particularly want to avoid when having In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment.

Whilst I have a general article on nutrition when trying to get pregnant (Pregnancy Nutrition Advice), there are some details worthy of note for moms having fertility treatments.

Many women incorrectly think that In Vitro Fertilisation is the answer to everything and they can relax about what they eat and drink. This can prove to be a very expensive and heart-breaking mistake. You need to seriously think about IVF nutrition, as the wrong type of food can actually hold back development of the follicle and damage the implantation of the embryo.

Whilst nobody is saying you need to go on a strict diet during IVF, you need to be aware that being overweight, or having excess body fat, is going to make pregnancy and conception more difficult.

Foods to Avoid During the IVF Cycle

A lot of what I’m about to expose is actually common sense. This should apply to you whether you are just trying to get pregnant in the traditional manner; are under-going fertility treatments; or even if you are not trying for a baby at all !!!

Trans-fatty acids

Trans fats are found in fried food. Think of chips and fast foods and you will know what I mean. If you want to become overweight, then this is the fast-track.Chips - Not good for IVF nutrition

But also be wary of the hidden trans fatty foods that could also be a danger to your IVF treatment. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are a common culprit. Studies have shown that women who do eat this type of food are less fertile (Nurses Health Study). In fact, 73 % of women are likely to be affected, given just a 2 % rise in trans fatty consumption. It also affects men as well – so don’t neglect your diet either guys.


This is another product that affects both female and male fertility. Human Reproduction revealed that half of the men monitored in a survey, who had high soy consumption, had poor quality and lower sperm count.

Refined Carbs and Sugar

Okay, so it will be very difficult to cut sugars and refined carbohydrates out of your diet completely. But you need to understand that they do not help your IVF treatment. This is particularly true if you are having IVF due to polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

It is already known that moms who ‘indulge’ in refined sugar are more likely to endure fertility issues. I shall attempt to keep this to a simple formula :

High Refined Sugar Intake <leads to> Increased Glucose Levels <leads to> Higher Production of Insulin <leads to> Stress on the Body <leads to> Reduced Chances of Conception

Eventually, your body could become resistant to insulin. 70% of women with PCOS are insulin-resistant, studies have shown.

Normal foods, it should be said, release glucose in a more controlled (slower) fashion. This should be the aim for any mom trying to get pregnant, but particularly those going through IVF treatment.

Researchers have found that Hyperstimulation in the IVF cycle can be caused by a high carbohydrate diet.

Of course, if you are in any doubt at all regarding your diet when under-going IVF treatment then you should speak to your health practitioner, fertility doctor, or nutritionist.

Looking for Free IVF Recipes ? 

Okay, I’ve told you what you shouldn’t be eating, but what can you eat as part of your IVF diet plan ?IVF diet recipe book

Fertility expert Diana Carroll had produced an excellent course on IVF called The Full Embrace™ IVF Success Program. This is a must have for any woman who is going through, or contemplating IVF treatment.

As part of that course, Diana provides a separate free bonus book specifically about healthy IVF diet planning. This shows how you can actually repair the damage you might have done with your diet and its effects on your fertility.

If you would like to see my in-depth review of the full IVF Success Program, then click here : IVF Success Program review.

Author : Maria Anderson is a researcher of women’s health issues. This article has been produced for informational purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Male Fertility Testing – What Your Man Needs to Hear

Male Fertility Testing has got a lot easier and less embarrassing in the past five years, but still men are reluctant to have one done. Why is this ?

Men are obviously sensitive about this area of their health and a few decades ago that might have been understandable. However, time has moved on and most men are different now. They carry shoulder bags, they drink wine instead of beer, and even dress in pink shirts. But there still seems to be a stigma attached to fertility discussion which seems to threaten their masculinity.

As a woman, you need to tread very carefully when you broach this issue. However, with the right approach, male fertility testing can be discussed and the results can make a massive difference to your lives.

I have written elsewhere on this site about the causes of male infertility.

It’s Not Just You

Being subject to infertility can be very distressing – whichever partner it affects. This stress can make us very unpredictable and result in us blowing things out of all proportion.

You man needs to understand, however, that science has moved on in the past few decades and that it has been scientifically proven that men are just as much responsible for couples being unable to conceive, than the previously believed ‘guilty’ woman.

Also remember that past results do not equal current performance. Meaning, there have been many instances whereby men have :

  • fathered children in a previous relationship;
  • moved into a new relationship – with a childless woman;
  • but have been unable to make his new partner pregnant

Incorrect assumptions are then made that this is his new partner’s ‘problem’.

Getting pregnant is a shared responsibility. That means that when it doesn’t happen then it’s a shared challenge.

Male Fertility Testing – Why He Should Bat First

There are two main reasons why male fertility tests should be the first thing on your tick-list of things to do.

1. Male Fertility Testing is Easy

Firstly to test a man’s sperm is really easy. In January 2006, in the UK, the world’s first male fertility testing kit for use in the home became available – BBC News. Even back then the accuracy rate was an impressive 95%. The man only needs to provide a sperm sample (How easy is that !!).

For a woman to dive head-long into infertility treatments can be a lot more involved and can also be quite painful (physically and mentally).

2. Male Fertility Testing is Cheap

The second reason for the man to get tested first is the cost. Costs for an ‘at home sperm test kit’ range from $40 to $ 120. Results are instant as well. AND (he will like this one) the test is done in the privacy of your own home.

Female procedures can costs $000’s of dollars and the time to wait for the results can be weeks – leading to a lot of stress.

Lead the Man to Water – And He WILL Drink

See if you can get some leaflets from your family planning clinic or your doctor, about infertility and in particular male infertility. Alternatively, get him to read the article that you are currently reading (i.e. THIS page on ‘Male Fertility Testing’), or even direct him towards this article on Wikipedia (so he understands the scale of the potential problem) : Wikipedia : Male Infertility

Allow Him to Have His Say

After your initial discussion with him, allow him to have his say. But also allow him to have a think about it. If he doesn’t want to talk, then leave him alone for a few days. The last thing he wants is you ‘chirping on’ in his ear about how he should discuss it with you. He will talk…. WHEN he’s good and ready.

Don’t forget to tell him that you love him just as much as you ever did though. Whatever the results show, you are in it together remember.

Recommended Male Fertility Testing Kits

There are actually quite a few on the market, however, I have managed to narrow these down to just 2, which you might want to consider :

Male Fertility Testing Kit

SpermCheck Fertility     

Male Fertility Test Kit - option 2

Micra Sperm Test

Both of these tests are based on semen analysis and can detect a low sperm count. Click on either image to buy privately via Amazon.com (n.b. I have not indicated prices, as these will vary from time to time).

Final Thought

The one thing I would not recommend that you do is to ignore the issue. Rarely does the problem just go away. If you face up to the fact that there might be a problem then you ARE well on your way to resolving it.

Please feel free to review the other articles I have published on the topic of male infertility and male impotence. You can find them in the Male Infertility Section.

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Pregnancy Success Program Review

Welcome to my review of Diana Farrell’s Pregnancy Success Program.

Some of you might have heard of the books and programs that are taking the pregnancy world by storm at the moment, but this one comes highly recommended from members of my support group.

For the sake of avoiding confusion with other similar titles, the one I’m referring to is The Full Embrace™ Pregnancy Success Program by Diana Farrell M.A. Diana has written many great books on pregnancy issues (please feel free to Google her name at some stage to see her other famous publications).

What is different about the Pregnancy Success Program ?

When I reviewed the program myself, I found out that it wasn’t just my support group that had bought into the program, it was actually being sold all around the world. But what was its success attributed to ?

  • Diana is an author on women’s health and a psychologist who has actually suffered from infertility in her own life. Out of necessity, she had to pool her knowledge, resources, and connections to conquer her own personal heartache (much like I’ve done with this web-site).
  • From here, she decided to help other women who were trying to get pregnant, by compiling this information in to a program. From the heart-felt way she writes the course, you can very much tell that she fully understands and appreciates the issues and stress that women are going through.
  • Unlike some other programs I’ve reviewed, Pregnancy Success is a very easy to follow program covering all types of infertility. It really does take you on a journey and ensures you do not leave any stone unturned.
  • What did strike me is that Diana fully accepts there is a place for modern medicine. This isn’t just about bashing existing conception programs – because they all have their place. The most important thing is to find the one that works for you, be that natural methods, Western medicine, or a combination of the two. The method is not important – THE RESULT CERTAINLY IS !!

In addition to the above, I also noticed some other differences compared to other programs about getting pregnant :

  • Official research findings are included (again, another plus point that many other courses omit), within the program, fully authenticating the methods being written about throughout the manual. This enables you to follow-up any information that you want to explore further.
  • It takes two to tango. Unlike many books on the subject, this program looks at both parties in the relationship, as it might not just be the woman who has fertility issues. Issues with sperm account for 40% of couples unsuccessfully trying to conceive. For optimum chances of having a baby, both parties need to do the right thing and follow along with the advice given.
  • It’s not just a ‘you need to do this’ type of program. It really goes into some detail on the theory behind the actions being recommended and this, for me, and for many others I’ve spoken to, encourages confidence that they can achieve success.
  • The course has been devised by someone who has actually ‘been there and done it’ – SUCCESSFULLY. Not by someone who has just ‘done a bit of research’ and cobbled something together to make a quick buck.

Bonus Manuals

There are four bonus manuals that come with this program, and these actually mean something to the overall program as well. In other words, Diana has not just thrown together a load of old medical books that have no relevance to the main content. Acting on all of the material will definitely enhance your chances when trying to get pregnant.

Pregnancy Success Program Planner & Journal Pregnancy Success review book

This, for me, is actually the most important part of the whole course. There are so many things you need to keep track of if you want to set yourself up for success. There is goal-setting involved with this planner, and that’s a good thing. If you plan for success, you are much more likely to see success.

Put it this way, my guess is that you haven’t done any real pregnancy planning up until this point right ?


Pregnancy Success Program Recipe Book Pregnancy Success Program recipe book

This is a vastly under-rated component of getting pregnant. Nutrition is crucial in the struggle to get pregnant. Please don’t under-estimate it. And it’s not about starving yourself either. I eat the meals and I’m not even trying to get pregnant any more !!


Pregnancy Success Program Meditation Guide Meditation Manual

I’ve spoken elsewhere about the role stress plays in infertility. Meditation is a great way of relieving stress and in this guide, you have a simple plan to follow.


Pregnancy Success Program Yoga Guide Yoga Manual

Again, I have spoken about the benefits of yoga for fertility here. There really is a great little guide which will again relieve stress, whilst strengthening your pelvic area, increasing the blood to that area which, in turn improves your chances for a healthy conception.


Lifetime Updates

This really ticks boxes for me. Once you have bought the Pregnancy Success Program, you get updates for life. Obviously, I would expect you not to have to wait a lifetime to get pregnant, but it’s nice to know that Diana is keeping up to date with infertility and pregnancy developments and will pass on that knowledge to her customers.

Are there any downsides or issues with this program ?

It is a fact that, in today’s world, everyone wants a result like ‘yesterday’ and they don’t want to have to put in any effort to see those results. That’s life I’m afraid and , in fact, anyone that offers such a ‘change your life over-night type miracle’ should be well avoided.

This is a full program. It needs to be followed and it WILL take some work on your part, to ensure that you do the right things at the right time. Having said that, none of what is asked of you is particularly difficult and all you really need is a little motivation to succeed – which of course many potential parents will have an abundance of.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there that are blindly trying ideas or spending ridiculous amounts of money on treatments and getting no-where (yes, that included me 3 years ago). If I had my time in starting a family again, I know which road I would take.

I would certainly go ahead and have a look Diana’s site, if nothing else – You’ll read some wonderful testimonials, which will definitely give you hope for the future.

CLICK HERE To Get The Full Embrace™ Pregnancy Success Program From The Official Web-site

Pregnancy Success Program official site link

The Full Embrace™ Pregnancy Success Program

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Endometriosis Treatment

Thank you for visiting my endometriosis treatment page. In this article, I’m going to firstly explain what the condition is, and then offer what endometriosis treatments are available (including natural treatments).

Before I move into my own take on this condition, I recommend you view this excellent 11 minute video from the Center For Human Reproduction :

What exactly is the issue ?

Endometriosis and infertility is reported to affect 30-50 % of women in the USA today. Some are not considered infertile, but sub-fertile. It should be noted that infertility does not cause endometriosis, but rather infertility is a symptom of endometriosis.

Endometrium tissue normally grows inside the female womb. Effectively, what happens during menstruation is that the tissue (endometrium) is shed. If it grows outside of the womb the condition is called endometriosis. This can cause scarring and also be very painful.

Doctors do not know exactly what causes endometriosis, or why it increases infertility – although scarring of the fallopian tubes is suspected. Another theory is that endometriosis produces chemicals which may interfere with the female hormones.

What are the signs of endometriosis ?

There are several signs of endometriosis. However, looked at individually, they could all point to other conditions. Certainly a woman with endometriosis is likely to experience one of a number of symptoms including :

  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Pain when urinating or during bowel movements
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Tiredness
  • Irregular or heavy periods
  • Blood in the rectum, stools or urine
  • High blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Sickness
  • Miscarriage
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Pain in the legs

What are the most successful tyres of endometriosis treatment ?

Whilst there are no known cures as such, treatments for endometriosis come in various formats. These can range from medicines through to surgery, as well as natural endometriosis treatments. Treatments can ultimately be successful and getting pregnant is still a possibility with this condition.

Endometriosis Treatment with Medicines

Mild endometriosis can be treated with medicines such as Lupron or Synarel. Even birth control pills can help with the pain mentioned above and help the condition. Of course, taking birth control pills will not help you get pregnant.

Unfortunately, a number of studies have proved that fertility does not necessarily improve using these drugs. Furthermore,  it is possible for any pains that have been suppressed to re-appear a few months after you have stopped taking the drugs.

And as with all medicine, there is the potential for side effects to be experienced as a result of taking them – The inability to sleep, weight gain and even depression being common.

Endometriosis Treatment with Surgery

When endometriosis is more of a problem, then surgery might be your only course of action. A Laparoscopy is usually the method undertaken and you can see a brief animation of scar tissue being removed here :

Small improved pregnancy percentage increases, of less than 5%, have been observed a month after the operation. Other studies have shown approximately 50% improvements. There are also wide ranging benefits of this procedure for women suffering with blocked fallopian tubes (a potential knock on effect of endometriosis) . Rates for this condition range from 10%-90% improvements in fertility.

Of course, these types of procedures do not come at a cheap price – ranging from $3000 to $10000 – and of course surgery always carries with it potential side effects and a risk to the patient.

Endometriosis Treatment with Artificial Insemination

If you want to increase the odds of getting pregnant by 5-25% then artificial insemination is a procedure that you will want to consider. This is also cheaper then surgery, in the region of $500.

Fertility drugs are taken prior to the procedure, and then sperm is physically injected into your womb at the time of ovulation.

Endometriosis Treatment using IVF

I will be covering IVF quite extensively on this web-site, and there will be a whole category dedicated to this procedure.

Basically, though, this is recommended to women when artificial insemination has not worked. $10,000-$15000 is a common price-tag for this procedure.

Natural Endometriosis Treatments

And so we move onto an area of treatment that is gaining ever more popularity (maybe it’s the pain of the surgery, or the pain of the above price-tags ?).

The key with natural endometriosis treatments, is to try to get the body to repair itself from the inside out and via what you actually put into your body. “Natural” is the key word here. Eliminating processed foods and eating organically undoubtedly improves the inner workings of your body.

This can all be backed up with traditional Chinese medicines such as herbs and acupuncture. Yoga is also often added to help improve the reproductive areas of the body.

Recommended Reading

One resource that I would definitely recommend to those looking for natural treatments for endometriosis is the Pregnancy Success Program by Diana Farrell. She has produced a home study course with endometriosis in mind. It really sets your body up, and compliments, whatever endometriosis treatment you have. In some cases it might be all you need.

To read my review on this course, please click here : Pregnancy Success Program review. Alternatively, you might want to visit Diana’s official web-site by clicking on the image below.

Endometriosis Treatment

I hope you found this introduction into the various endometriosis treatments helpful. Please feel free to share with your friends, using the links below.

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Causes of Infertility in Men

Thank you for visiting my causes of infertility in men page. This is my sister (or brother if you like) page to the Causes of Infertility in Women.

This aims to be an introduction into this frustrating and upsetting condition. But let me say right from the off that, for the vast majority, male infertility CAN be resolved with just a few life-style tweaks – and boy are they worth it.

Whilst it used to be the case that women were usually blamed for infertility, it has become more and more recognizable to actually treat the male of the species.

Causes of Infertility in Men

The bad news is there are 100’s of reasons a man can become infertile. Unfortunately, our bodies are very complex structures – but then that’s what makes them so remarkable.

The good news is that many of the men’s cases can be narrowed down to just a handful of reasons, and most of those can be treated to varying degrees. Assuming that the man is able to become aroused and ejaculate, then the issue can be narrowed down even further :

  • Low sperm count, or
  • Poor quality of sperm

Causes of Infertility in Men : Factors Affecting Sperm

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases – These can cause male fertility to fall and the vast majority can be treated. However, some infections are not detectable until you start to get issues with your sperm (i.e. You only find out when you are trying to get your partner pregnant).
  • Poor diet – Now you would think that this is really only an issue third world countries, but in fact the western world diet is becoming so poor in nutrition that it is starting to be one of the major causes of infertility. Burgers and French fries are not health foods and do not equal the vitamins and minerals needed for conception. You need zinc, vitamin C, folate and selenium as a minimum.
  • causes of infertility in men : Lubrication killersSexual Issues – Now I’m not just talking about the ability to actually have sex. I’m actually referring to ejaculating too quickly and therefore not allowing for deep penetration – which could mean that already weakened sperm die before they actually reach the egg. Also, be very careful of any lubricants you might use (including saliva or water) as most of these products actually kill of sperm. I’ve discussed this in a little more detail here : 100 Tips for Getting Pregnant (Part 3- Natural Supplements and Creams). Fortunately, there is one lubricant that is kind to sperm and you can get it from Amazon : Pre-seed Lubrication.
  • Environmental Problems– This issue by-passes a lot of people but it is a very real threat to fertility.
    • Is your man exposed to pesticides ?
    • Does he work in smoky atmospheres ?
    • Is he subjected to excessive heat (sperm only grow and thrive in cool temperatures – that’s why the balls hang outside the body) ?
    • Varicose veins – No I’m serious, men can get varicose veins in their scrotum. This results in an overly hot environment, which can kill off sperm.
    • Lack of Testosterone – This can lead to unhealthy sperm – Man up and see your doctor about this !!!
    • Age – As well as being an issue for women, men can also fall prey to the ticking time bomb that is age. This can happen for the over 40’s – just like women. However, a healthy, fit man, who eats impeccably can prolong his sexual shelf life and even reverse the damage done in his younger playboy days.


As with many health related issues in life, the more you look after your body, the lower your chances will be of becoming infertile. Male infertility treatments are available, but in most cases they are treatable with natural methods. The 100 tips for getting pregnant series I’ve written apply just as much to men as they do to women. Please take time to go through those and apply as many of them to your life as possible – It’s never too late to change your life-style !!

You might also want to check out the male impotence tips I wrote about here : Male Impotence. Male Impotence

Finally, I highly recommend that you check out a book called Overcoming Impotence by J. Stephen Jones M.D. available from Amazon.

I hope that you found this article on causes of infertility in men informative. Please feel free to share this information, using the social media links at the bottom of this page.

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