How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

Welcome to my how to get pregnant with a girl article. This is the sister page to my how to get pregnant with a boy page.

There are many reasons why potential parents are trying to get pregnant with a girl and there are things that you can do to potentially influence the outcome. The purpose of this article is to high-light three tips that you can think about as a means to achieving your goal.

Obviously, I cannot give any guarantees, but I know some moms that have introduced these ideas, with very pleasing results. What I can say is that I have undertaken considerable research in this field and do aim to lead you in the right direction should you need additional information.

How to get Pregnant with a Girl – 3 Essential Tips

It’s That Time of the Month

In order to increase your chances of having a baby girl, you need to understand your ovulation cycle. I would recommend the following course of action :

    • Monitor your ovulation cycle during 100 days (I call it my Century to Success Formula)

  • Is your cycle is regular ? (it might not be)
  • Use my suggested Clearblue Ovulation Test. This can be bought from
  • Use an ovulation calculator. Try this one :
  • The female X chromosome sperm lives longer than the male Y chromosome. Therefore to give yourself the best chance of conceiving a girl it is recommended to have sex no closer than 4 days before ovulation (meaning the chances are the male sperm would have died, leaving the female sperm left to fertilize the egg after it is released into the fallopian tube some 5 days after love making).
  • The most important thing in this process is to cease making love for another 7 days.

The above may seem a simple process to adopt, but it can be very effective.

Best position to get pregnant with a girl

Male sperm die quicker than female sperm. Therefore logic says that you need to ease off a bit during love making, relying on a more shallow penetration method, rather than deep penetration, which would favour male sperm getting to the egg before dying.

Eating : The Key to Life

There is a famous phrase “you are what you eat”, basically meaning that your body is the sum total of what you ingest. This is also true for influencing the chances of conceiving a boy, or a girl. Basically, you are looking to stack those odds in the gender of your choice (in this case a girl).

Of course, it is important to eat a balanced diet, but if you are trying to get pregnant with a girl, then consider having more magnesium and calcium enriched diet – and less foods containing potassium and sodium (which favour males births). The thing to remember is that you need to start your dietary changes two months before trying to get pregnant. The following food groups apply to both the potential mom AND dad.

Magnesium :

  • Fish : Halibut / Tuna
  • Fruits : Dried figs / Banana
  • Grains : Barley / Oat Bran / Brown rice
  • Juices : Prune juice
  • Dairy : Milk / Low-fat Yogurt
  • Vegetables : Artichokes / All types of beans / Spinach / Pumpkin Seeds / Soybeans
  • Nuts : Brazils / Cashews / Pine nuts / Almonds

You need to be aware that an excess of magnesium can cause upset stomachs.

Calcium :

  • Fish : Sardines in oil
  • Fruits : Oranges
  • Grains : Ready to eat cereals / Cornmill / White wheat flour
  • Juices : Anything with a dairy product in it (see below)
  • Diary : Any Milk / Cheeses / yogurts
  • Vegetables : Collards / Spinach / Potatoes / Cowpeas
  • Nuts : Brazil nuts

Again I repeat that it is, of course, important to get a balanced diet before and during pregnancy. If you are in any doubts, then you should consult your doctor.

Some of you may have heard of the Shettles Method. This was designed in the 1960’s and was based on some of what I have mentioned above.

The above tips are meant to serve as an introduction to helping parents. If you want to take your gender selection seriously, or want to go to ‘the next level’, with a professional pregnancy program, then there are three resources on how to conceive a baby girl, which I’m happy to recommend below.

Further Resources

There are three downloadable books that I have reviewed for moms trying to get pregnant with a girl. To varying degrees, they have also all come with high recommendation from people in support groups I’ve been involved with.







To make life a lot easier, I have actually also done a ‘quick glance’ comparison table, in an article where I also reviewed the Shettles Method official book, called How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby <Review COMING SOON>.

Whatever you do, please consider a structured program of events found in one of the above publications – rather than just surfing the net aimlessly hoping for ‘that golden tip which will change everything’. Unfortunately, you won’t find it out there. You need to be professional in your approach.

I do hope you found my how to get pregnant with a girl page helpful and would be willing to help me by sharing this information using the social buttons below.

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