How to Conceive the Baby of Your Choice

Many women are searching on line now for information on how to conceive a baby safely. Other moms are just looking for information specifically relating to how to conceive a boy or girl. Perhaps you are getting a little older and are just wondering how to conceive quickly ? Whatever the case, the aim of my site is to cover all the conception needs of infertile moms – starting right here…………..

If you have a quick scroll down you will see that I have sectioned this article off into the three main areas mentioned above, so you might want to quickly reference the bit that applies to you. Having said that, you will learn a lot more if you read the whole of this article, from top to bottom. After that, please feel free to browse the rest of this site for more detailed information, either by using the links in the right hand side, or the suggested links in this article.

How to Conceive a Baby Safely

First and foremost, whilst many of you will be looking to get pregnant fast, you will also want to have a safe pregnancy. That means both yourself and your baby having as stress-free an experience as you can possibly make it. Paramount to making this happen is what you ingest (eat, drink, smoke etc.) and how fit you keep yourself.

I’m not going to flower this up. If you are trying to get pregnant, but not having much success then :-


  • Eat a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, fiber and drink plenty of water
  • Consider taking additional vitamins and minerals
  • Accurately monitor your menstrual cycle to choose the optimum time to have sex
  • Consult your doctor regarding any prescription drugs that you are taking – could these hamper getting pregnant ?
  • Exercise and keep fit – You must have a healthy blood-flow circulating through your veins
  • Keep your stress levels to a minimum
  • Consider the possibility that any failure to conceive a baby up until this point might be as a result of your partner’s infertility


    • Smoke Cigarettes
    • Drink alcohol
    • Take any recreational drugs
    • Enagae in any activity that is going to put undue stress to your mind or your body as this will have an impact on your chances of conceiving

Okay, I appreciate that I have kept the above very brief, please click through on the links in that section to see further details.

Alternatively, the items mentioned above might not be new to you and, in fact, you might be looking to take this to ‘the next level’. If that is the case and you need a fully designed course of action that you can follow step-by-step, then I highly recommend Diana Farrell’s The Full Embrace Pregnancy Success Program. Click on the book below to go straight to Diana’s web site.

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How to Conceive a Boy

There a many reasons you might want to conceive a boy. It might be for cultural reasons, or if a disease runs in the female side of your family your preference might be to have a baby boy to reduce or eliminate such risks.

The good news is that you can influence the gender of you baby, before you have even conceived it, by what you eat and a few other technical tweaks to your life-style.

It is the Y chromosome in the sperm which results in you having a baby boy and the X chromosome which delivers a baby girl, and there are certain characteristics different in each type. Because we know this for a fact, it means that we can influence our behaviour and, with a certain degree of accuracy, go on to influence our results.

Being smaller in size, but more nimble, the Y (male) sperm can get to the egg faster. There is a downside however, in that they tend to die off quicker than the X (female) sperm and also struggle with the female’s PH balance. So what can we do to assist the little male sperm ?

Top Tips to Conceive a Boy

  • Adjust your PH level, by having a more alkaline diet.
  • Consume foods that are high in sodium and potassium.
  • Think of eating foods such as red meat and bananas (although not together of course, as the recipe will be a disaster !!).
  • Have sex as close to ovulation as possible (you will obviously need an ovulation calculator for this). This will help the sperm reach the egg at the optimum time… and whilst they are still alive.
  • Look for deep penetration when having sex. This one may sound like an old wives tale, but it makes sense. Remember the male sperm don’t live that long, so get them as close to the egg to start with and you have a better chance when trying to conceive a boy.
  • Try to orgasm before your man ejaculates (my personal favourite). Yes, this can have an influence because the juices secreted in a woman’s orgasm actually make the environment more alkaline (male sperm friendly).

If you don’t want to leave things to chance, there are two excellent books I would highly recommend. However, I’m not going to force either of them down your throat, I will let you decide which is the most appropriate for your needs. Please click on either book to find out more information.

                                                                     How to conceive a boy
‘Plan My Baby’ (Prince or Princess) Official Website (link)       ‘Get Pregnant With a Boy’ Official Website (link)

I have done a personal review of the Plan My Baby (Prince or Princess) course, which can be found at the following link :

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How to Conceive a Girl

Just as there are reasons you might want to conceive a boy, the same can be said for parents that are looking to have a little girl. Maybe you already have a couple of boys and want to give yourself the best chance of having a little girl the next time round ? Maybe it is a male hereditary disease that you are trying to avoid ?

Either way, the potential solution is pretty much the opposite of the tips I gave in how to conceive a boy.

Top Tips to Conceive a Girl

So female sperm are slower than their male counterparts and also prefer an acidic environment. With that in mind :-

  • Concentrate on getting the following minerals : magnesium and calcium.
  • Eat foods such as dairy products, fish (must not contain mercury though), and broccoli.
  • Time your sex for two or three days prior to ovulation. This means that only the female sperm are likely to still be alive come the time of ovulation.
  • Shallow penetration sex is best when trying to conceive a girl. Remember, this will mean that the male sperm have to swim further and, in all likelihood will not survive the journey.
  • If you can hold off orgasm, then the resultant environment, in your cervix,  will be more hostile to the male sperm and will give the X chromosome (female) sperm more of a chance in reaching the egg first.

Of course, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy and to achieve this then you really should ensure that you lead a healthy life-style both before and during pregnancy. If you are in any doubts you should consult your doctor.

Again, there are two options, I would highly recommend, if you are really serious about trying to conceive a girl. Please click on the image to visit the official websites, or my links below the images if you would rather read a review of the courses first.

                                                                           How to conceive a girl

‘Plan My Baby’ (Prince or Princess) Official Website (link)            ‘Get Pregnant With a Girl’ Official Website (link)

I have done a personal review of the Plan My Baby (Prince or Princess) course, which can be found at the following link :

Plan My Baby home-study course review link

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