Give Your Man’s Testosterone a Boost

There are many things your man can eat to immediately give his testosterone levels a kick. Let him take a look at these tips and play his part in a successful conception.


Whilst you might be a bit limited with some of the recommended food on this page, there is no doubting the versatility of this product. There are countless recipes containing eggs and whilst they are rich in cholesterol, this is actually an important requirement to help produce testosterone. They also contain zinc, which also increases testosterone.


Yes, it’s that ‘wonder food’ again. Many doctors and nutritionists have waxed lyrical in recent times about the cancer busting properties of this strange looking vegetable. However, it also has a serious role to play in the reduction of oestrogen (making testosterone more dominate in the male body).

If you really can’t stand the taste (it’s actually not that bad), you can always add a sauce to it – simple gravy or even a cheese sauce goes down a treat.


Another from the ‘tastes awful but is actually quite good for you’ collection (why does it always work that way ?). This little monster is packed with indole-3-carbinol. In addition to its antioxidant properties, it (like broccoli) reduces oestrogen whilst boosting testosterone. Now you just need to make it taste nice and your away !!


Whilst no-one really wants to make love to a man reeking of garlic, the allicin found in these little bulbs does help testosterone production. Unfortunately, there is a ‘but’…….. Allicin reduces its potency when cooked, so you’re going to have to suffer the smell even more, by eating it raw – although, thankfully, just a few shavings are more than enough to obtain a benefit. Of course, parsley is reported to counteract the smell of garlic – although it has never worked for me.


This one really will help you. It’s probably the pick of the bunch. Testosterone relies on all of the following : vitamins A,B,C,D,E & K; potassium; zinc; folic acid. The avocado has you covered with all of these in a single serving.

There are many ways to serve this up : sliced in sandwiches; as a holder for a filling (after removing the sizable stone from the middle) or as the main ingredient of guacamole.

Sunflower Seeds

Okay, this looks as though it should belong in a guinea pig food bowl, but don’t underestimate the power of these little seeds. Packed with vitamin E, this is known to have a beneficial impact on testosterone levels. Mixed with other seeds they actually serve as a great snack as well.


A male’s testicles are not known as ‘nuts’ for nothing. Tests have revealed that guys who eat monounsaturated fats (as found in peanuts in particular) generally have higher levels of testosterone. Of course, there are many other health benefits of having monounsaturated fats in your diet – being particularly good for the heart.

If chomping on handfuls of nuts is not your thing, then why not re-live your childhood cravings for peanut butter (just don’t overdo it fellas).


Have you ever thought about the phrase ‘sowing your wild oats’ ? Oats release chemicals that help produce additional testosterone in a man. Studies have shown increased libidos in men within two months of introducing oats into their diets.

Looking for more information ?

I hope you found this article helpful. If you and your partner are having problems conceiving a child, please feel free to browse the rest of my site for additional tips. In particular, I would recommend my causes of infertility in men page.

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