10 Getting Pregnant Tips

Are you one of the unfortunate moms who’s saying “I want to get pregnant”, or have even been asking the question, “Why can’t I get pregnant ?”. Don’t worry, you are not alone because there are unfortunately many women who are trying to conceive and are not seeing success.

Whilst it’s true, the vast majority of couples never have any issues and can conceive shortly after they ‘plan’ to do so. But, unfortunately, for approximately 17% of couples who are trying to get pregnant, the process becomes a bit of a battle that can last for years – or, in the worst case circumstances, may never be achieved.

There are many conception myths on the internet. I have waded through all of them (so you don’t have to) and I know that by the end of the page you will have a much more positive outlook.

Top 10 Getting Pregnant Tips

Of course there is always in vitro fertilization (IVF treatments). However that can be expensive and stressful. Before embarking on such procedures, there are a number of things you can try :-

1.) Picking the right time – Possibly one of the most important getting pregnant tips. Recording in a basal body temperature diary will help pinpoint ovulation. You can also get ovulation predictor kits. The best one on the market is Clearblue’s Digital Ovulation Test.

2.) No to lubes  – unless you really have issues with dryness, avoid the use of lubricants.

3.) Are you the right weight for your height ? – Hormonal regulation could be really affected if a woman is majorly underweight. Some women might now be able to ovulate at all. Conversely, excessively overweight women might also have problems conceiving – especially if you are 20% above your ideal weight. Getting Pregnant Tips - Stop Smoking Product

4.) Ditch the cigarettes, drugs and alcohol – An obvious one for moms trying to get pregnant. It might be difficult, but the rewards will be massive….for you too. Try Smoke Away (click on the picture).

5.) Switch to decaffeinated coffee – Chances of getting pregnant are also increased if you change your coffee habits as well. Some say your conception chances double if you make this one simple change.

6.) Change your underwear guys – Boxer shorts are much better for producing babies than briefs. Not only they look better, but they keep the testes cooler, which will keep the sperm alive for longer.

7.) Stay cool – Men should avoid having a bath just before bed. The high temperatures experienced in bathing cause the sperm cells to die off. One study has suggested that a bath could actually cause fertility issues for over a month !!

8.) Get in position – The missionary position is the most popular sexual position for a reason….. It is simple and it works.

9.) Don’t move – Women should stay in the missionary position (on her back) for up to half an hour after copulation. This will allow the cervical mucus and semen to mix.

10.) Have more sex (my personal favourite) – This one is actually up for debate. Sperm count does reduce with increased instances of ejaculation. However, guys that generally have a low sperm count can actually have more sperm in the second ejaculation, if the second intercourse is undertaken within an hour of the first.

Looking For More Pregnancy Advice ?

I hope you’ve found the above tips for getting pregnant useful. However, these are really only scratching at the surface at what, for some, can be a really upsetting time. If you really want to be serious about getting pregnant, then I have done considerable research in this area.

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