Exercise and Fertility Massage

In this section of the 100 tips for getting pregnant, I’m going to focus on Exercise and Fertility Massage.

Previous articles can be accessed from the links on the right. Remember, your body and in particular its inner workings, are a fragile thing. If you have not exercised for some time, are over the age of 35 years, or are heavily overweight, and are considering taking up one of the exercises mentioned in this article, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor first. He is likely to take your blood pressure and listen to your heart to ensure that you are fit enough to proceed.

41 – Yoga Exercise and Fertility Massage ideas

Generally exercise is good for those trying to get pregnant. However, it is important not to stress the body too much with over vigorous exercise (see Tip no. 44 below). Instead, try the meditative nature of yoga. The positions used in this form of exercise can provide improved circulation and strengthen the areas that support the organs in the reproductive area.

There are many DVDs on the market, and I particularly recommend Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts which you can use before, during, and after pregnancy, all in the comfort of your own home. As an added benefit, you will learn the correct patterns of breathing when undertaking yoga – something that will become of great use during labor.

42 – Reiki

This is a form of massage and can improve your chances of conceiving. The Reiki specialist uses their hands on certain pressure points called chakras. From here, they aim to channel energy around the body to enhance health. There are books on Amazon.com, however if you are going to undertake this form of treatment then you would be better off going to a local practitioner. In the meantime, you can find out more information by visiting the Wikipedia page here : Reiki.

43 – What About Pilates ? Isn’t That Supposed To Be Good ?

Unfortunately, it’s not as good as yoga. There is no doubt that it relaxes the mind and does act as a good workout, but it can put too much strain on the body, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

44 – Do NOT over exercise

There is no doubting that exercise if good for you. However, when added to a low calorie diet, exercising too excess can reduce body fat levels which, in turn, can disturb a woman’s ability to produce estrogen. As a result, a potential mother might experience irregular periods, or maybe even none at all, in worse case scenarios.

A second effect of exercising too much might be to put undue stress on the body and this could also reduce fertility. That said, half an hour of mild cardio workouts per day is required to meet basic fitness levels and this shouldn’t have an adverse effect.

45 – ………But Don’t Be Lazy

It sounds as though I’m contradicting Tip 44, but you cannot just kick back and do nothing, whilst trying to get pregnant. Your height to body weight ratio, has to be in proportion, to help the fertility process. They key is to maintain a healthy ratio. Remember to check your BMI (Body Mass Index), and aim for that ideal weight zone.

46 – Have a Massage

Many people underestimate the benefits of massage for infertility. Put simply this will help reduce stress levels which, in turn, will improve your chances on conceiving. Better still, opt for a specific holistic fertility massage to help the flow of blood and to aid optimal uterine alignment. Go on, you know you’re worth it !!

47 – Self-Fertility Massage

Some people might not be able to afford the time or money to getting a full massage. And for the person undertaking the massage, it is quite hard work, so your partner might not be willing or able. If that is you, then you could always opt for a self massage. Done correctly, this can improve blood flow to the vital reproductive organs. It can also encourage hormonal balance. Fertility Massage

There are a few instruction books and DVDs on the market, but I recommend Self Fertility Massage DVD by Hethir Rodriguez, who is a Certified Massage Therapist. In the DVD, she also talks about castor oil packs (see Tip 48 below). There are some really positive customer reviews on Amazon for this (so don’t just take my word for its effectiveness), which you may want to read before taking the plunge.

If you want a ‘sneak peak’ at how this is done, watch the video below.

48 – Castor Oil Packs Natural Holistic Fertility Massage kit

I was never initially sure about this. However, when I started to hear lots of positive comments and a fair amount of success about the benefits of natural holistic fertility massage, I started to do a bit more research. Basically, this is a castor oil soaked cloth, which is strategically placed below the belly, increasing blood flow in the uterus region. It helps if you can also add warmth to the area, like a hot water bottle, or some other form of heat pad.

Baar Products, do a fantastic Castor Oil Starter Kit, containing everything you need (including a heat pad – see image).

Again, the video above briefly shows the castor oil pack being applied, but the video below goes into a little more depth regarding the theory and application of this technique.

49 – Meditation

Meditation for infertility

I always was a big believer in meditation, even before I ever tried to get pregnant. And the feelings of relaxation I experienced when pregnant were amazing. Remember trying to conceive can be a stressful experience and that’s the last thing you want, as it will upset your body’s reproductive system. Meditation can certainly help completely calm you and give your body the best possible chance. If you are new to meditation, The Garden Of Now is one of the better up to date DVDs on the market.

Enjoy…… and relax.

50 – Light Therapy For Improved Circadian Rhythms

There is a school of thought, following research from the University of California San Diego Sleep Center, that suggests that therapy using lights can regularise menstrual cycles. It does this by improving the production of melatonin. To be honest, I have no personal experience with this one, but it might be worth considering if all else fails.

I hope you enjoyed Exercise and Fertility Massage and you will find something that you can take away and put into practice. Click on the link below for the next in the series :

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