Drugs to Take and Avoid for Conception

Welcome to Drugs to Take and Avoid for Conception – the fourth article in the series : 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant. The tips on this page, more than any of the others in the series, do require doctor consent. The idea is that I put forward ideas for you to go and explore further, seeking medical advice where appropriate.

In researching for this article, I actually learnt some new words, which you might also come across at some point :

  • Teratogens – These are substances found in food, drugs, or airborne particles which cause abnormal cell development in cells. Unfortunately, these can lead to undevelopment in fetuses. For example, Teratogen exposure can lead to : a cleft palate or lip, or missing or stunted growth of limbs.
  • Teratogenic – Basically the adjective to the above. So you might say that something that is teratogenic is something that has been subject to the harmful teratogen substances.
  • Teratology – This is the study of physiological development abnormalities, particularly birth defects in humans.

Okay, enough of the big words………… But I do want to high-light the importance of this page.

Of course, the general rule of thumb is that drugs and pregnancy do not mix. However there are occasions when drugs can be used to assist conception and even the course of pregnancy and birth itself.

31 – Consider A Low Dose Aspirin

Women who have been known to have miscarriages, might benefit from a low dose aspirin. The theory behind this is that moms who miscarry have thicker blood, due to a high instance of antiphospholipid antibodies. This results in potentially devastating blot clots around the placenta. It is already known that aspirin thins the blood and recommended for other ailments and therefore similar blood thinning benefits might be gained by pregnant moms. Don’t try without your doctor’s advice.

32 – Alcohol Is A Drug – Avoid It Moms Drugs to Take & Avoid for Conception - Drinking image

One medical study concluded that a woman’s fertility was cut by 50% for those drinking alcohol. It is believed that irregular periods can result as a consequence of excessive alcohol. Another study undertaken by the BMJ stated that even light drinkers showed higher degrees of infertility, compared with their tee-total counterparts.

33 – Is It Okay For My Man To Drink Then ?

Unfortunately, there can be fertility issues for the man as well. It not only damages sperm count, but also the quality of the sperm as well. Again the BMJ study concluded that there was a 50% less sperm in regular drinkers, compared with those that didn’t drink at all. Of course, in addition to those issues, there is even the more famous ‘brewers droop’, which prevents men from obtaining, and maintaining, an erection to enable love-making in the first place. On the positive side, these issues are only on-going if the man continues to drink

34 – I Suppose Smoking’s Out Of The Question Then ? No to Teratogens

My personal view is that no-one should smoke, regardless of whether they are trying to get pregnant or not. However, adults of course do, but women should definitely stop if they are planning to have a child. In addition to increasing the chances of cervical cancer, smoking can also increase the chances of miscarriage and the all-round effects on the blood vessels can have numerous consequences on the female reproductive system. This latter point could be a reason for female smokers suffering from an early menopause.

Once pregnant, it is widely known that the chemicals in cigarette smoke can affect the baby’s development. Ideally, you need to quit months in advance of trying to get pregnant.

35 – Quit Smoking (The Male)

Many women do give up smoking when trying to conceive a child and this, of course, is a great idea. However, it is equally important for the male to give up the weed as well. It has been proven to lower male sperm count as well as damaging blood vessels, which could interfere with the man’s ability to create and maintain an erection. Click on the image to try Smoke Away.

36 – Acetaminophen

Be very careful with drugs that contain acetaminophen or Tylenol (also known as paracetamol in some countries). This is used in numerous over the counter drugs to treat a number of different conditions, such as headache tablets and cold and flu remedies. The concern for women who are trying to get pregnant is that it can reduce the amount of estrogen which can, in turn, restrict fertility.

37 – Eat Organically

Okay, this one isn’t really a drug, but pesticides and pollutants are a problem. Many people don’t realise that we live in such a toxic world. Those living in industrial regions are particularly at risk (even the exhaust smoke from your car can be a problem). It certainly can have an effect on your fertility issues. Studies have also found that sperm can be attacked by antibodies which have been stimulated from pesticides found in food. Where possible eat organically produced food.

38 – Say No To Recreational Drugs

So called soft drugs, like marijuana for example, can also dent your chances of conceiving. Like many other things mentioned on these pages, the taking of marijuana can not only disturb the menstrual cycle, but also interfere with sperm mortality in the virginal fluid. Cocaine can reduce blood supply to the reproductive organs, resulting in tissue and blood vessel damage. This will lead to problems when trying to get pregnant.

39 – Will Those Same Drugs Affect My Partner ?

Yes, marijuana can result in lower sperm counts in men. In addition, it is a contributory factor in producing unhealthy sperm, which result in them being less able to reach the egg. And any that do get as far as the egg stand less of a chance of penetrating it. Unfortunately, the effects of the drug on male fertility can last a little while after taking it as well

40 – What About Fertility Drugs ?

Many couples reap the benefits from fertility drugs, without having to go through expensive IVR, so this is well worth talking through with your doctor. I list below two types, which you might want to explore further :

  • Clomiphene Citrate – stimulates the hormone release of several eggs. Brand names include : Serophene,  Milophene,  and Clomid.
  • Gonadotropins – Usually taken if Clomiphene does not work for you. Brand names include : Pergonal, Pregnyl, and Fertinex.

BUT, there is an issue that the taking of these drugs could lead to twins, triplets, or even quads and any of these scenarios obviously come with their own risks, such as miscarriage and premature births.

I hope you found this article on Drugs to Take and Avoid for Conception informative. Please click the link below for the next in the series :

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