Causes of Miscarriage

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When first told about a miscarriage, it can often be a confusing and very stressful time for a woman and her family. She might have been advised the reasons why she has miscarried, but never really understood the problem, or what was being said to her. Causes of Miscarriage worries

In this article (one of the most difficult, upsetting, ones that I’ve had to write), I will look to tackle this very complex issue and look to break it down into understandable segments.

I could quite easily write a 50 page document on the issue, and still not cover everything off. But I appreciate that readers don’t really want all the science – they just want to understand what they might have done wrong and (more importantly) how to avoid the causes of miscarriage in the future.

So, I’m going to focus on 5 reasons why women experience miscarriage, although there are of course many more. The good news is they are all treatable.

5 Causes of Miscarriage

These mainly happen to women over the age of 35, although it can potentially happen to women of any child-bearing age.

Abnormality in the Chromosomes

In the 1st thirteen weeks of pregnancy, 60% of miscarriages occur as a result of issues with the chromosomes within the embryo. Very often, the mom does not even know that she is pregnant.

Genetics can play a part, but mothers over the age of 35 with aging eggs also suffer. If you want to be positive about it, consider it as nature’s way of ensuring that only the most fit and healthy eggs are selected for the full term of pregnancy.

Tissue samples can be taken immediately after the miscarriage to see if chromosome issues were the cause of the miscarriage. On a first miscarriage, however, no tests are done as chromosomes are automatically assumed to be the problem.

Uterus or Cervix Defects

Next on my list of causes of miscarriage are issues with the cervix or uterus. The cervix may be weak (and therefore not able to hold the embryo), or the uterus maybe out of shape (leading to the embryo not having enough room). Early labor can be brought on by either of these conditions. However, both of these causes of miscarriage (which will continue if left untreated) can be resolved with surgery.

Immune Problems

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the moms or dads own body that rejects the fetus, which is the reason behind a miscarriage.

The embryos blood supply can be blocked if blood clots are formed in the placenta. A blood test can trace the presence of the antibodies that cause this (known as antiphospholipid antibodies) and a blood thinning agent can be taken, to reduce any risks.

The father’s genetics can effectively attack the baby. The immune system of the mother is designed to block this, but can allow it through if the mother and father’s genetics are too similar. If this happens then an abortion can result. However, there are a few centers that can undertake fetal-blocking antibody tests.

Lupus can result in anti-bodies being formed against the mom’s body. The good news is that Prednisone can be used to treat it. However, it is a powerful drug and only given as a last result.

Imbalance of Hormones

Progesterone deficiencies are another cause of a miscarriage. This can result in the lining of the uterus being shed prematurely, along with the embryo. Blood tests and biopsies from uterine tissue samples can help detect the issue and supplements taken for hormone balancing.

Miscellaneous Disease Issues

Aids, German measles, malaria and syphilis can all be causes of miscarriage and need to be monitored and treated. High temperatures caused by fevers should also be treated as soon as possible.

Is there anything I can do to reduce my chances of a miscarriage ?

Yes, and it’s all about staying fit and healthy. I have produced an article on Pregnancy After a Miscarriage which you might want to read.

In addition, I have reviewed a number of pregnancy products, and the one that fits the bill for women that have had one (or a number of) miscarriages is “Pregnancy Miracle”, by Lisa Olson. You can read by review of the program here : Pregnancy Miracle review, or if you would like to go directly to Lisa’s official website, then please click on the image below.

Causes of Miscarriage helpful guide

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Whatever route you decide to take, I do wish you all the best with your future family planning. I do know how hard it can be if you have suffered with a miscarriage. Stay positive, there can be a bright future for you.

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