Causes of Infertility in Men

Thank you for visiting my causes of infertility in men page. This is my sister (or brother if you like) page to the Causes of Infertility in Women.

This aims to be an introduction into this frustrating and upsetting condition. But let me say right from the off that, for the vast majority, male infertility CAN be resolved with just a few life-style tweaks – and boy are they worth it.

Whilst it used to be the case that women were usually blamed for infertility, it has become more and more recognizable to actually treat the male of the species.

Causes of Infertility in Men

The bad news is there are 100’s of reasons a man can become infertile. Unfortunately, our bodies are very complex structures – but then that’s what makes them so remarkable.

The good news is that many of the men’s cases can be narrowed down to just a handful of reasons, and most of those can be treated to varying degrees. Assuming that the man is able to become aroused and ejaculate, then the issue can be narrowed down even further :

  • Low sperm count, or
  • Poor quality of sperm

Causes of Infertility in Men : Factors Affecting Sperm

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases – These can cause male fertility to fall and the vast majority can be treated. However, some infections are not detectable until you start to get issues with your sperm (i.e. You only find out when you are trying to get your partner pregnant).
  • Poor diet – Now you would think that this is really only an issue third world countries, but in fact the western world diet is becoming so poor in nutrition that it is starting to be one of the major causes of infertility. Burgers and French fries are not health foods and do not equal the vitamins and minerals needed for conception. You need zinc, vitamin C, folate and selenium as a minimum.
  • causes of infertility in men : Lubrication killersSexual Issues – Now I’m not just talking about the ability to actually have sex. I’m actually referring to ejaculating too quickly and therefore not allowing for deep penetration – which could mean that already weakened sperm die before they actually reach the egg. Also, be very careful of any lubricants you might use (including saliva or water) as most of these products actually kill of sperm. I’ve discussed this in a little more detail here : 100 Tips for Getting Pregnant (Part 3- Natural Supplements and Creams). Fortunately, there is one lubricant that is kind to sperm and you can get it from Amazon : Pre-seed Lubrication.
  • Environmental Problems– This issue by-passes a lot of people but it is a very real threat to fertility.
    • Is your man exposed to pesticides ?
    • Does he work in smoky atmospheres ?
    • Is he subjected to excessive heat (sperm only grow and thrive in cool temperatures – that’s why the balls hang outside the body) ?
    • Varicose veins – No I’m serious, men can get varicose veins in their scrotum. This results in an overly hot environment, which can kill off sperm.
    • Lack of Testosterone – This can lead to unhealthy sperm – Man up and see your doctor about this !!!
    • Age – As well as being an issue for women, men can also fall prey to the ticking time bomb that is age. This can happen for the over 40’s – just like women. However, a healthy, fit man, who eats impeccably can prolong his sexual shelf life and even reverse the damage done in his younger playboy days.


As with many health related issues in life, the more you look after your body, the lower your chances will be of becoming infertile. Male infertility treatments are available, but in most cases they are treatable with natural methods. The 100 tips for getting pregnant series I’ve written apply just as much to men as they do to women. Please take time to go through those and apply as many of them to your life as possible – It’s never too late to change your life-style !!

You might also want to check out the male impotence tips I wrote about here : Male Impotence. Male Impotence

Finally, I highly recommend that you check out a book called Overcoming Impotence by J. Stephen Jones M.D. available from Amazon.

I hope that you found this article on causes of infertility in men informative. Please feel free to share this information, using the social media links at the bottom of this page.

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