Are You Really Set For Pregnancy ?

One of the things that might be stopping you from becoming pregnant is the fact that you might not actually be prepared for it. Let me explain………

You may think that you are happy to proceed with getting pregnant, but somewhere in the back of your head you might be unaware that there is a little alarm bell sounding off saying, “Hey wait a minute, you haven’t considered xyz. I’m not going to let you get pregnant until you’ve thought that point through”. Let’s just call is a safety mechanism and it might not be as far ‘off the mark’ as you might think.

With that in mind, let’s consider some very basic information that you should, by now, have considered…….


This has to be the number one priority when trying to get pregnant. Firstly, you must be in good health to start off with and prepare for, and expect to feel, rough as the pregnancy progresses. Will you be in a position to be able to attend regular examinations – especially as you near the time to give birth ?

Depending on the country you are in : Do you have health insurance and, if so, does it cover for pregnancy care ?


Can you actually afford to have a child. For a while you will not be able to work – Does your partner earn enough ? Remember, your bills are going to increase – even with the help of family and friends. Babies are cheap, toddlers are a bit more expensive, and as for teenagers wants and needs….well let’s not even go there. Suffice to say, you will need a long term plan. Don’t just think about the first 6 months. If you are currently in a job, will you be able to go back to it and work the same, or reduced, hours ?

If you do go back to work, what will be your childcare arrangements ?…. And how much will those cost ? If you are relying on your parents to baby sit whilst you go back to work, how many years are they going to be able to do that for ? And what will happen if something happens to them ?

Your Home

Linked to finances are your current living arrangements. Initially babies don’t take up much room, but they grow, and so will the space required to look after them. If you have a small place is it easy to keep tidy, or are you forever having to step over junk ? If so, then that is not the right environment to bring up a child. Eventually, they will need their own room as well – they can’t sleep with you forever. Do the thinking and the planning now, whilst you are in a position to think rationally.

Is Everyone On Board ?

YOU might want a child now, but is your partner 100 per cent in agreement ? If not, you could be storing yourself up plenty of trouble for the future. And what about existing children in your family (if any). Have you consulted them ? What are their feelings ? Are they going to get jealous ? Are they feeling left out ? Existing children are much less likely to be a problem if you keep them informed of what’s going on and make them feel part of the process.


I honestly believe that if you ensure that the above core fundamentals have been taken into account then, not only will family life be a lot easier for you, but this could be the actual ‘release’ that enable your body to say “okay, the time is right”.

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