About Me

Hi my name is Maria Anderson.

After years of failed relationships and a career in finance that was far too focussed and stressful, I finally settled down 7 years ago (at the age of 35), to what I thought would be a period of bringing up a family. Unfortunately, I was wrong

Even though I found the right man (Mike), I….. WE went through years of heartache in trying to conceive. There would be the occasional missed periods, and the hope that brought, only to be disappointed with a home pregnancy test, or doctors confirmation that is wasn’t to be. It got to the stage when we thought about giving up and considered adoption.

Then about 18 months ago, through a support group that I’d set up, I was told about The Full Embrace™ Pregnancy Success Program, which you can read about here. Within 3 months our dream came true and I became pregnant. I’m now a proud mom (at the age of 42 !!!) of a 5 month old girl called Sophie.

I am convinced that what I learnt from The Pregnancy Success Program enabled me to become pregnant, and I would urge all wannabe moms to take a look at Diana Farrell’s work.

Many thanks for visiting my site – enjoy your stay.

With love & luck to you.


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