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Hi, my name is Maria Anderson, thank you for visiting my website.

Please feel free to read my story on how I’ve ended up writing about the issues of pregnancy on the ‘about me’ page (link in the side bar to the right).

By landing on this page, you are clearly trying to conceive a child and are searching for information on how to achieve this. Maybe you’ve been finding out how hard it is to find quality, reliable information on the subject.

Having had my own troubles in this area, I decided to put an infertility support group together a couple of years ago. This led me to finding some great resources, which finally prompted me to set up this website in May 2011.

Reasons you are here and how I can help

You might just be after some simple tips for getting pregnant, or maybe you’re wondering if you should exercise or even what to eat ? Have you been specifically wanting to get pregnant with a baby boy, or a baby girl ?

Maybe you are a young girl, who is just looking to start a family and you have no idea what to do ? What are the pregnancy symptoms, or the stages of pregnancy ? Or maybe you are a woman in her 40’s looking for a quick pregnancy. Hopefully you are not in the unfortunate position of having PCOS, or some other condition – if you are, then help is here. Or maybe you are just looking for honest reviews on the latest books and courses on getting pregnant ? Either way, I have articles on all of these topics and more.

If you look to the right you will see lots of articles I have written and, at first, this might appear a bit daunting. However, to make life easier, I have also categorised these articles.

  • 100 Tips For Getting Pregnant – to get you started today
  • Pregnancy Course Reviews – Full Reviews of the most successful “getting pregnant” courses
  • IVF Issues
  • Mens Infertility Issues
  • Womens Infertility Issues

And this infertility site is not just for mothers either. Many of the issues relating to successful conception also apply to fathers as well (it really does take two to tango). So many of the recommended health tips and strategies are for men to implement. In addition, you will see that I also have a separate category for wannabe dad’s infertility issues as well. And I’m currently working on an IVF category of articles.

Within all of these articles are hints and tips to give you to the best possible chance of conceiving a child. No-one knows more than me the heartache of trying to get pregnant. However, I only scratch at the surface about this complex situation on this site and, despite personal experience, I’m not a qualified doctor. However, I know people who are medical experts – and these people are REALLY good. I am to break down their technical (and sometimes confusing) knowledge in to something we can all understand.

100 Tips for Getting Pregnant is a great place to start

Well, I fully recommend the 100 tips series of articles (10 articles in total). In those, you will find loads of simple ideas that you can implement straight away. All of them are designed to improve your chances of getting pregnant and the more you implement, the better your chances of getting pregnant.

Ideas range from : Infertility Eating Tips. What vitamins, herbs and spices are appropriate. Life’s natural suppliments and creams. Medications to take, and what drugs to avoid. Massage and exercise ideas. Simple practical things to can do to help increase your fertility. Other things to consider such as sexual positions. Getting Professional Help – there are two parts to this. And finally my Top 10 tips (actually there is a bonus one on this page as well).

Pregnancy advice that REALLY works Successful conception result

I also thoroughly recommend looking through my product review section. There are a lot of books and courses on the internet, but you really need to be careful which ones you pick. Some of them are just designed to take your money, with little or no care for your health. I’ve reviewed many of these products, but only the best get a public review on this site (others I just wouldn’t waste your time by publishing).

I am reviewing products all the time, so the list will get added to. You will also note that I recommend several products throughout this web-site, and I will advise you of them in the relevant articles.

Why surfing the net will NOT get you pregnant

What I would say (and I do emphasis this several times on this site) is that aimlessly surfing the internet for ‘tips here’ and ‘ideas there’, is unlikely to provide the success you are looking for. Whilst I do try to provide as much information as possible, you really need to follow a proven plan of action.

I know so many women that have been searching on-line (in some cases for years) and are still no nearer getting pregnant. WHY ? Well they are not following through with a proven strategy. Flitting from one web-site to another breaks whatever momentum they have developed as they jump on to the next ‘great infertility idea’. It’s a bit like trying to lose weight in that respect, with people jumping from one diet to the next – is it any wonder their weight does not change ?

My strong advice is to model (copy) strategies that are known to succeed and, in that respect, I would urge you to look through the product reviews section for proven formulas that work……. Or you can continue to ‘surf the net aimlessly’ and see what luck that brings you in the next 6 – 12 months.

Final thoughts before you browse my site……

Whatever future decisions you decide in your quest to get pregnant, I hope you find what you are looking for on my site. I hope that you like what you see and visit us regularly as I’m adding articles on a weekly basis as new information comes to light. Feel free to make comments below any of the articles that resonate with you (I do read them all and will reply where necessary). I also have a contact me page.

Also, you might want to sign up for my notifications email which will inform you when I update this web-site (the box is on the right). Please don’t worry, this is an automated email system so you will only ever be notified of when I post to this site, I won’t be sending you lots of spam emails – in fact, I will not even get to see your email address.

Finally, I would be grateful if you could help me grow my readership by informing your friends about this site, using the social media links below.

Thank you again for visiting my site.

Much love & blessings.

Maria Anderson

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